Star Studded Episode of Hollywood Squares from October of 1972

This classic episode of Hollywood Squares was chock full of luminaries like Michael Landon, Lee Grant, Redd Foxx, Vincent Price, Wally Cox, Rose Marie, Mel Brooks, Linda Day George, and Paul Lynde. This episode has so many great comedians in attendance, but it is not surprising that the square who steals the show, is Paul Lynde, who truly understood and mastered the medium.

This is classic Lynde and a great chunk of TV.

Paul Lynde doing the Weather at WSPD-TV Toledo 1978

You know what is missing from modern weather broadcasts? Paul Lynde! Lynde just takes over WSPD in this hilarious clip from around 1978 or 1979. It is obvious even from the start that he has no idea what he is going to do, but you just get him going and brilliantly entertains for nearly 6 minutes. A super talented guy, who really knew how to rock a plunging V.