Toon In: Popeye – Cookin’ With Gags (1955)

Welcome back, friends, to a new Toon In. This week we have Popeye the Sailor in a 1955 Associated Artists Production short entitled Cookin’ With Gags. An appropriate selection I think you will certainly agree as today is April 1st.

When I was growing up, I would watched quite a bit of A.A.P. Popeye cartoons. Whiling way the hours until it was time to race down to the bus stop. This was possible in fact thanks to the block programming by TBS in the early 80s.

Besides the likes of Popeye, that TBS block of cartoons would generally include Looney Tunes. As well as the King Features Syndicate characters Krazy Kat, Beetle Bailey, and even Snuffy Smith and Barney Google.

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I think you Toon In fans might find it interesting that both Snuffy and Barney, were voiced by none other than Paul Frees. Of course you should recognize Paul’s distinct voice from his work on The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show and myriad Rankin/Bass specials. Of course he was also well known for voicing animated features and shorts for Walt Disney!

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I apologize, friends. As usual I have let my train of thought run away with me. In our offering today, we find Popeye attempting to remain calm while attending a picnic with Bluto and Olive Oyl. The pranks range from the common industrial spring on an axe.

To the addition of pouring gasoline on an open flame.

While it may indeed be April Fools Day, there is however only so much a Sailor Man can take. Will Popeye be able to thwart Bluto with a prank of his own? Furthermore will Olive Oyl see that she is being rather mean to our favorite Sailor Man? Toon In and let’s find out together!
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Retro Radio Memories: Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed (1983)

Due to a little technical issue…

…the normally scheduled Retro Radio Memories Podcast will be published tomorrow morning but thankfully that doesn’t mean we can’t share some glorious radio drama, right?

Ray Bradbury

In this case we have an episode of Bradbury 13 entitled Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed which was originally broadcast back in 1983, with not just Ray Bradbury himself acting as the greeter for the show but the legendary Paul Frees (The Player, The Haunted Mansion) as narrator for the series’ 13 episodes. Appropriate number.

Paul Frees

Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed originally saw pring in Thrilling Wonder Stories in 1949 under the title The Naming of the Names. Ten years later and the story would get a name change when it was included in A Medicine for Melancholy and again in the 1966 collection S Is For Space, which is where I first read the short story.

The synopsis revolves around the Bittering Family who have with many other Humans left behind the Earth to travel to Mars to help colonize the windswept red planet. The problem is that a little after setting up, Harry who is the head of the Family finds himself wishing they could uproot and return to Earth…that option is taken away however after they hear news of New York City being destroyed, a nuclear detonation taking with it the regular rocket shipments as well as the chance to leave. The settlers continue their task of terraforming the angry red planet…but then strange things begin to happen…the peaches and carrots they’ve planted have started mutating…their cow begins to grow a horn from it’s head..and to Harry’s horror he realizes that the Humans are starting to change as well.

So please join us for Retro Radio Memories and learn of the Bittering Family and how Dark They Were, And Golden-Eyed.

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Toon In: Mars And Beyond (1957)

Welcome back friends to another installment of Toon In, that part of the week where we can share with you the best in animated shorts and cartoon series for your viewing pleasure. This week however we are doing something a little different as we are not offering our typical fare but a 1957 episode of Walt Disney’s Disneyland entitled “Mars and Beyond”.

Walt Disney - Garco

This episode is amazing right off the bat just because it features an introduction by not just Disney himself but freaking Garco the Robot!

This episode was directed by Ward Kimball, the same animator who animated the likes of the Mad Hatter, Jiminy Cricket, Pecos Bill to name just a few and directed Toot, Whistle, Plunk and Boom which happened to win the 1954 Academy Award for Best Short Subject (Cartoon). It features the talented Paul Frees as your narrator and take us first on an animated journey of how man first began to chart the stars and how it affected their beliefs. Then we take a humorous look at the many ways Mars has been presented in literature and popular culture before we get an introduction to all of the planets and then meet Dr. E.C. Slipher who offers his thoughts on the red planet and what type of life might be found there. Finally the episode finishes up with what type of craft would be optimal to reach the planet Mars, this segment features none other than Ernst Stuhlinger but Wernher von Braun!

Ernst Stuhlinger - Wernher von Braun
This offering is quite a bit longer than what we usually share so why not set aside a bit of time for yourself and join us as we Toon In and learn about Mars and Beyond!

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Retro Radio Memories Podcast Ep. 058 (The Player)

Welcome back to the Retro Radio Memories Podcast! Each week we will briefly talk about an old time radio episode before presenting it for your listening enjoyment. Today I have chosen an episode from 1948’s The Player entitled “Murder at Tamerlane”. This is a rather unique series as every single character in the story is voiced by the legendary Paul Frees!

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