Q*Bert World Record Attempt Sadly Derailed.

Thanks to Patrick Scott Patterson with the Examiner for the heads up on this rather sad news. George Leutz was 36 hours into the still standing 28 year-old record for Q*Bert when a machine was unplugged near his, which caused his machine to reset. George had already scored an impressive 16.8 million points and was just past the halfway mark of the 70 hours on one quarter record set by Canadian legend, Rob Gerhardt, back in 1983. The world record attempt was being held at the famed Richie Knucklez in NJ.

Galaga World Record Broken

Somehow this High-Score breaking news slipped past me, I must have been too busy quashing the Grid Bug infestation in the right hand columns to notice. But thankfully Patrick Scott Patterson of the Examiner had keener eyes. A huge thanks to the Examiner of course for the heads up on this information as well as the photo posted below.

On New Year’s Eve it is was announced by Twin Galaxies that the then world record score of 3,275,720 held by Phil Day since 2009 had been bested by its previous holder, Andrew Laidlaw of Washington State, with a total score of 4,525,150. The Examiner reports that the settings for the Galaga machine allowed only a maximum number of 5 ships in total for the entire time of playtime of the classic Midway game. The two world holders have apparently become friends since Day took Laidlaw’s original top spot. In an interview the world record holder stated:

“Phil and I were in regular contact while he was chasing my previous record,” Laidlaw said. “I offered any tips I thought I could and he in turn sent me a disc of his game play. Our rivalry is very much enjoyed by both.”

The Examiner also reports that Phil Day has retried from Galaga competition and “I have to admit, I didn’t think he was going to beat it with such a huge score, and it is a huge, huge score, which I think is great,” Day said. “These old games need to be pushed to the limit, and Andrew is doing just that.”