CTG: Game Review

Over the centuries there have been many warring factions. The Empire vs The Rebel Alliance. Aliens vs Predator. Frankenstein vs The Wolf Man. King Kong vs Godzilla. Milk chocolate M & M’s vs Peanut M & M’s. Donnie vs Marie. The State of Maine vs Man-Bull. Man-Thing vs The World. But now…we are witness to the greatest buildup of animosity…at least the gaming world has ever witnessed…Grandmothers versus Alley Cats! And so we have the premise of another great and addicting Indie release by DeRail Games the same creators of the awesome Panic Attack-Devil’s Favorite.

DeRail Games has set their sights on the shooter genre with this latest release. But as we’ve seen before, they’ve added an interesting twist to the gameplay. Allowing you to take on the role as a black cat determined to stop those evil grannies, you have been given a very useful and quite powerful weapon at your disposal. A Gravity Gun. Well, to be fair you get a few more weapons on your quest besides the gun, but your task is to hurl those grannies up into the air and with a little practice…into the vortex-like granny grinder!

Now don’t think these are your typical grannies, coming to give you some nice sweets or perhaps a new toy, these grannies are evil. Don’t believe me? Watch what happens when you fail in your quest!

You can obtain CTG for a mere 80 Microsoft points by following this link: http://marketplace.xbox.com/en-US/Product/CTG/66acd000-77fe-1000-9115-d80258550807?cid=SLink

What are you waiting for, friends? The Alley Cats need your help, those evil grannies won’t be stopped on their own!

Panic Attack-Devil’s Favorite

What if I were to tell that on Xbox Live Arcade right this minute from its Indie Games there is possibly the most challenging and addictive title that I’ve played in a long while…for a mere 240 Microsoft points? That title I would be talking about is from Norwegian based developer DeRail Games, their latest game is entitled Panic Attack-Devil’s Favorite. There is so very much to dig about this game. It has a simple concept, get the smiling yellow ball (That looks a bit like Pac-Man to my eyes) from the starting position to the end in the time allotted so you may advance to the next stage. In your path are spikes, buzz saws, flying bullets, falling platforms, and flamethrowers. Take a look at the video of some of the stages below.

Friends, when I mentioned above that it was challenging I was not kidding. I downloaded the game last night from returning home after work, I was just going to play for a bit and then hit the hay…two hours later I was still playing. There is a counter on the title screen that records how many deaths you’ve had, I made it to level 6 with about 100 deaths. So Panic Attack is challenging, like the original NES Mega Man, but they have captured that magic in a bottle that makes you want to try just one more time each time your little ball goes splat. It could have been the lateness of the hour but I thought at one point I did indeed hear the chuckling of Old Scratch himself!

Panic Attack also has some very, very nice music provided by none other than 8 Bit Weapon and ComputeHer! So you can be sure you’ll be bobbing your head to the wonderful beats as you curse yourself for running into another buzz saw.

I’ll let DeRail Games speak for itself with this summary of their wonderful title:
“Panic Attack – The Devil’s Favorite Game is now available on Xbox Live Marketplace under the Indie Games section and features 56 high speed levels, including 25 additional Director’s Cut maps and 4 Pain levels filled with absolute madness.

Panic Attack is based on the same principles as their first title, but with a twist to it: instead of navigating one screen maps the player must survive 56 deranging scrolling levels constantly hunted by slaughter knives, flamethrowers and tons of clever deathtraps. To ensure that Panic Attack is one of the fastest and most challenging games on the marketplace, DeRail Games have included 25 additional Director’s Cut levels and 4 maps of pain, maps that only a few gamers have been able to complete.”

So hop over to the Xbox Live marketplace and give the demo a try and see what you think.