Retro Cap’n Crunch Packaging Update

So I stopped into the supermarket this morning, this time with my phone, to check out the retro Cap’N Crunch situation. They still had the three types with the retro packaging, but they have started to restock the shelves with the contemporary packaging, which moves the retro packaging to the back of the shelf. This might only be my supermarket, which has a pretty good turnover rate on product, but if you are in your supermarket hunting for the Cap’N, you might want to just dig a little to see if they have done the same thing.

retro crunch

Vintage Crayon, Paints and Art Supplies

We did a lot of shopping in 5 and 10s when I was a kid. So when I got art supplies, they were usually off brand. This meant the packaging was usually more interesting then what you would see on the standard yellow Crayola stuff. Now I never kept or photographed my art supplies. Heck, I never even kept the art, but this photo group on Flickr makes me wish I had. Peep this packaging…

tom sawyer crayons

Vintage Crayon, Paints and Art Supplies [@] Flickr