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Pac-Man Star Wars

If you like Pac-Man and Star Wars, then this design by artist Sergei Usatov was created for you. I think the Storm Trooper works best as a ghost, there is just something about that shiny white helmet that yells ‘scary’ … Continue reading

The Game Is On With This Pac-Man Inspired Squirrel Feeder!

You never quite know what you’ll find waiting for you when you use your internet search these days, I happened to type in Pac-Man and the first thing that popped up was for this awesome Pac-Man inspired squirrel feeder over … Continue reading

Retro Arcade Poncho

I’ve never owned a poncho, let alone a “rain” poncho. I’m a firm believer that the more sleeves, the better. I guess when it comes down to it, that makes me anti-vest and pro-Snuggie. That being said, if you ever … Continue reading

Of Batteries and Epoch Men

One retro thought often leads to another. In my case, one retro thought often leads to ten others. I had to change a AA battery in my wireless mic today. As I did so, I began to wonder if my … Continue reading

Pac-Man Ice Cube Tray

For anyone who doesn’t think video games are “cool”, this may change your mind! I think a tray full of these would go well in in either my Pac-Man mug or my Pac-Man Thermos! The only complaint I have is … Continue reading

Remote Controlled Pac-Man and Red Ghost

If you’re starting to put your Christmas wish list together, these remote-controlled Pac-Man and Red Ghost racers would be a fine thing to add to your list! (Photo courtest of NerdApproved.com) Each racer plays the theme from the arcade version … Continue reading

Darth Vader playing Pac-Man

As random things pile up and around my desk at work, eventually they begin to find one another. Take, for example … I already covered this mini Pac-Man Arcade Cabinet a few weeks ago. Last week, someone stopped by my … Continue reading