Outrunning at 682 mph

The year is 1993 and Sega have decided to move the Outrun franchise into the near future, to the year 2019. A mere 26 years into their future, the games developers had to pick a top speed for the rocket-powered cars, and they did – 341 km/h (211.89 mph). That sounds pretty reasonable, we have 5 years to go and we already have cars that can sustain that speed for the 25 minutes needed to complete the game.

However, that speed was used only in the initial Japanese release. By the time the game reached Europeans, it had risen to 682 km/h (423.77 mph) and in America you had the even-faster 682 mph! Here’s the US longplay of the game, with a speed that hits the magic 682 mph frequently…

I for one am starting to look forward to the year 2019, how about you?