Armstrong Mobile Command Ride On Omnibot

I loved blinddog’s post on the Hubot earlier today. It got me thinking about the Omnibots which we’ve also talked about. All these bots were very attractive to a young me in the 80s for several reasons: 1) They were high-tech, like all good 80s prodcuts. 2) They were similar to the robot from Rocky IV as Drahken said. 3) They were the buddies I’d always wanted from my toys.

Much as I wanted (and never got) an Omnibot, I’m sure I would have wanted this even more. Behold the robot that can give the Rocky IV bot a run for his money: the Armstrong Mobile Command Ride On Omnibot!

Admittedly, I don’t know much about the AMCROO. All I know is it is a Tomy robot you can ride on, and that’s all I need to know to desperately want it.

Now I would probably have been too old to ride the AMCROO even when it first came out, and I’d certainly be too old for it today. But had I know it existed back then, I would have wanted it anyway. And I still do.

Note: I got the picture and video from The Old Robots Website. There are tons more pictures of the AMRCOO as well as just about any other 80s robot you can think of.

DIY Tomy Omnibot V1

I am on a real DIY kick. Not that I am actually doing anything, but instead I am on a real DIY reading kick. What can I say, I like to dream of things I cannot possible accomplish.

I have always wanted a robot, and while some slightly advanced robots are starting to show up on the market, they lack the styling that I look for in a robot. That is why this DIY Tomy Omnibot is right up my alley. It makes me look forward to reading about Version 2 and one day going on a roadtrip with my own robot buddy.

Read all about the Tomy Omnibot V1 [@] EZ Robot

What Action Figures would you like from the 1985 Sears Wishbook?

It is time to start making your Christmas list. If you are having trouble, maybe these images of Action Figures from the 1985 Sears Wishbook will help you decide. Its not all Action Figures, I am including some robots as well, just because I love robots and they are kind like Action Figures. Both Omnibot and Robotix are in this catalog, but sadly no Tobor.

If Action Figures are not your thing, their will be plenty more choices leading right up to Christmas, enjoy.

1985 was really the swansong for Star Wars figures. Check out the last page and see the reduced prices. That Imperial Shuttle is hot.