Ohio Art Company’s 100th Anniversary Etch A Sketch

In 2008 the Ohio Art Company, maker of the Etch A Sketch, celebrated their 100th year in business. To make the celebration more magical they released an Etch A Sketch in an attractive collectors tin. I was thinking a lot about the Etch A Sketch and then realized that I no longer owned one anymore. So I ordered the Anniversary Edition. The toy is just as fun as I remember it and the tin looks greats. Here is a tip for you real artists out there, once you have made your masterwork and do not want it erased, you can make it permanent by drilling out holes in the back and shaking out all the powder. Once the powder is out, there is no way for it to erase.

etch a sketch

Ohio Art Company’s 100th Anniversary Etch A Sketch [@] Amazon

The Ohio Art Company Ad

We all know that the Ohio Art Company makes the very fine Etch A Sketch, but what about the messy looking Swirl-O-Paint or Bizzy Buzz Buzz? Well you might have heard of them if only you listened to “Arthur Godfrey Time” on the CBS Radio Network where the Ohio Art Company was a sponsor (at least that is what it says in the corner of the ad).

Check out the genius of the kid on the Etch A Sketch. Is he sketching Fallingwater? Kid has skills.

Ohio Art Company - 1971