E.T. Recycled VHS Cover Notebook

I have a lot of old VHS tapes laying around and I am not really sure what to do with them half the time. Most of them have been replaced by newer tech, but I feel bad tossing them out. Well here is a really clever idea for re-using the dust covers on the tape, by Etsy Seller Gus Karlson, who turns them into notebook covers. Great for casual note taking, I imagine these will be a great conversation starter around the office or on the go. If you cannot make your own, Gus has a decent selection available, but by far my favorite, is the one for E.T. the Extraterrestrial.


Make Your Own VHS Spiral Bound Notebook

Was browsing instructables when I came across instructions for making a cover for spiral notebooks out of old VHS covers. According to the author:

I, like many people, have a good number of old VHS tapes laying around. Some of the movies I now have on DVD, others I no longer care to keep and whatever falls between I can digitize should I wish. This makes the collection of VHS tapes about as useful to me as a collection of rocks. So, I decided to make custom, one-of-a-kind, spiral-bound notebooks.

You cannot argue with the results:

Make Your Own VHS Spiral Bound Notebook [@] instructables