Night Terrors Series: Phase 7 DVD Giveaway Winner!

A huge thanks again to our friends over at Platform Media Group as well as The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects for this DVD giveaway opportunity for the wonderful Phase 7 horror film.

Our lucky winner for the Phase 7 DVD is Saturday World, so please join me in giving him a mighty congrats! The DVD should be sent out on Monday and thanks again to everyone who entered.

Night Terrors Series: Atrocious (2010)

A huge thanks to our friends over at the Platform Media Group as well as to The Collective and Bloody Disgusting Selects for letting me review their latest Horror offering, Atrocious.

Directed and written by Fernando Barreda Luna, Atrocious, is a Spanish “Found Footage” horror film in the mold of Paranormal Activity, Cloverfield, and of course the Blair Witch Project.

Cristian and July (Pronounced Julie) are two teenagers who run their own little website documenting local paranormal legends, so when they go on a Family vacation to their Summer home in Sitges they are determined to make the best of it by deciding to investigate the Legend of the Girl in the Garraf woods. We are told by Cristian that it is has been claimed a little girl went wandering in the Garraf woods and became hopelessly lost and died somehow. The Legend claims that when you are lost in those woods the spirit of the little girl will appear to lead the wanderer out safely.

After settling in the two teenagers are interested in the old rusted and quite locked gate that leads to an immense hedge maze on the property. Though they are forbidden from entering it by their parents…which of course means they have to investigate and document it with their video cameras.

The next day their investigation is fueled with the help of a friend of the family who informs them during a video “interview” that there are variations on this Legend, that the girl wandered through the forest and plunged to her death in an abandoned well, and that he was made by his own Father to swear not to ever enter the woods.

This just makes the kids want to investigate the woods all the more, the location of the hedge maze naturally…where they discover…an abandoned well. The movie while being an indie film does a fantastic job of ramping up the tension, and I’m not kidding when I say the last 30 minutes is a continuous heart pounding finale. The ending, well, I’ve not had chills like that since the ending of Alfred Hitchcock’s Psycho.

Atrocious hits participating AMC Theatres today and yet again I am envious of those that can see this with an audience!

Night Terrors Series: Yellowbrickroad (2010)

A huge thanks to our friends over at the Platform Media Group for being gracious enough to send me a screener for the upcoming Bloody Disgusting Selects, AMC Theatres, and The Collective‘s next entry in the Night Terrors Series, Yellowbrickroad.

For those of you lucky enough to have AMC Theatres participating in this partnership of bringing you the best Horror movies from around the world, I envy you watching Yellowbrickroad in the theaters proper. Directed and written by Andy Mitton & Jesse Holland the film deals with a group of researchers who decide to in an attempt to write a new book they will investigate the disappearance of the population of the town of Friar in New Hampshire over 70 years ago. Every single man, woman and child in Friar one day met at a trail head and began walking up the ancient trail and were never seen again…well, all but one of them that is.

A big thanks to Jesse Holland for the trailer upload on YouTube!

As someone who loves horror films after watching this film I was ecstatic to find I had a grin from one ear to the other. Why? The reason to watch horror flicks is to be scared, right? I’m not talking about the jump scare due to loud noises (Though there is something just marginally related to that in this film, though done more intelligently and one I wish I could experience in the theater) or ‘torture porn’ gore, that isn’t horror to me. Horror to me is the introduction of something that shouldn’t be there during normal situations, it’s something of a SPOILER but when the research team is on the trail after a few days they begin to hear music…1940’s music. I don’t mean like someone is walking around with a radio but an all encompassing and occasionally never ending serenade throughout the entire woods. That my friends is horror to me, or at least my favorite type of horror.

Yellowbrickroad very much to me is inspired by two things, a love of movies (The Wizard of Oz plays into this beyond the title) and a tip of the hat to H.P. Lovecraft. I look forward to seeing what else Andy Mitton & Jesse Holland have in store for us in their future because I believe you will agree with me that after seeing the film these two have a bright future ahead of them.

I must also make sure to give credit to all of the actors in the film, they bring out characters that you believe would continue to investigate the disappearances of the citizens of Friar even with the otherworldly serenade and the other disturbing happenings in their investigation. But in particular I would like to give extra kudos to Michael Laurino (Past Life), Alex Draper (John Adams), Anessa Ramsey (The Signal), Cassidy Freeman (Smallville), and Laura Heisler (Forged).

Yellowbrickroad hits participating AMC Theatres on Junes 1st. A big thanks to Dread Central for the awesome poster seen up top.

Night Terrors Series Entry #2 – Yellowbrickroad

A big tip of the hat to our friends over at the Platform Media Group for sending us more info on the Bloody Disgusting Selects and AMC Theatres and the Collective partnership to bring the best Horror films from around the world. Their first release on May 4th was the Berlin zombie apocalypse film, Rammbock.

Now we have the next in the Night Terror series, Yellowbrickroad, hitting the silver screen at participating AMC Theatres on June 1st.

“In the Fall of 1940, the entire population of Friar, New Hampshire—all 572 of them—abandoned their homes, their possessions and their lives and walked up an ancient trail, never to be seen alive again. Their fates remained a mystery for over seventy years, until a team of researchers discover the trailhead and attempt to retrace the path the doomed citizens of Friar took. A few among them believe they will find
something terrible in the forest. But it is the forest that will find something terrible in them. YELLOWBRICKROAD was an official Slamdance selection, and played at The Atlanta Film Festival and Screamfest to critical and audience acclaim, and won best feature at the New York Horror Film Festival.”

We’ve also been made aware of that you fellow fans of horror movies can visit that Bloody Disgusting link up top for a chance to win tickets to see the film which is directed by Jesse Holland and Andy Mitton, and stars Cassidy Freeman (Smallville), Anessa Ramsey (The Signal), and Lee Wilkof (Before The Devil Knows You’re Dead).

Update: More information has been given to use in the form of this press statement – “After their theatrical runs, films from the series will be available to fans of the genre in DVD, Video on Demand (VOD), online and television. Released though The Collective’s home-video partnership with Vivendi Universal, DVDs for
each film in the Bloody Disgusting series will feature unrated content, bonus features and special packaging for each title.”