Win a Life Size Mr. Ed Blow-Up Doll from Nick-at-Nite

This image, which was uploaded by Fred Seibert of the Fred/Alan Archive, was pulled from the ever-growing Retroist Image Pool on Flickr.

I am not sure what to think about this contest. On the one hand it would be awesome to have a full size Mr. Ed doll of my very own and on the other hand it might be difficult to explain why I have a that blow-up doll in my living room.

Oh I won it!

You won it?

Yeah I won it.


Nick at Nite Limited Edition Taxi Watch

What the what?? A Taxi watch and it was it was made in 1994? I was searching for Taxi information when I stumbled upon this watch being sold by Hake’s:

taxi watch

According to Hake’s:

4x6x1″ deep box contains nicely designed set issued in 1994. From an edition of only 10,000 that were sold exclusively through the TV channel via half-hour infomercial. This is one of four different produced w/others being Get Smart, I Dream Of Jeannie and Bewitched. Watch has 1.25″ dia. metal case and leather straps. Both watch dial and box lid feature same image of driver’s elbow hanging out of taxi cab w/show’s logo at center plus Nick at Nite logo. Reverse has incised edition number “1150.” Inside of box has a diecut cardboard pop-up taxi and set also comes w/metal whistle. Unused and Mint and comes w/warranty paper but requires a new battery to operate. Great design.

Taxi was a great show, but I am not sure how big a Taxi fan you have to be to own a Taxi watch (pretty big?). Definitely a conversation starter.

Nick at Nite Limited Edition Taxi Watch [@] Hake’s