Family Action Games in the Coleco 1988 Games and Preschool Catalog

Family Action Games

The 10-year-old version of me would have wanted everything in the “family action games” section of this Coleco 1988 catalog. The NHL Stanley Cup Play-Off Hockey table would have been top of my list because, and I quote, “[it] is as close to NHL hockey action as you can get without actually being on the ice”!

A close second on my wish list would have been the air-powered Deluxe Power Jet Hockey table which I’m sure I would have mastered to the point where I could have been a world champion…

Power Jet Hockey

The sad truth is that the 10-year-old me didn’t get either. Apparently squeezing giant table games into my childhood home was a step too far and I instead settled for an Atari 8-bit computer that Christmas. I think my parents probably made the right decision but I still want these tables!