Voltron 84

Netflix Unleashes Voltron 84 – 12 Handpicked Episodes!

Here is some exciting news that will certainly get your day started right. Netflix has just unleashed Voltron 84 on their streaming service. 12 classic handpicked episodes from some of those responsible for the hit Voltron: Legendary Defender by Dreamworks.
Voltron 84

Furthermore, each of these episodes is introduced by one of those creative forces. As well as explaining why the choice of that particular episode, why it stayed with them through the years. In addition to how Voltron 84 helped them usher the property to a brand new generation of fans, a mere 32 years later.


Of course you might be interested in just what episodes have been picked for the Voltron 84 ‘special’:

  • Joaquim Dos Santos (Executive Producer)
    “The Stolen Lion”
  • Lauren Montgomery (Co-Executive Producer)
    “The Sleeping Princess”
  • Tim Hedrick (Story Editor)
    “Doom Boycotts the Space Olympics”
  • Mitch Iverson (Writer)
    “Space Explorers Captured”
  • Josh Keaton (voice of Shiro)
    “Escape to Another Planet“
  • Steve Ahn (Director)
    “The Missing Key”
  • Christine Bian (Design Supervisor)
    “The Right Arm of Voltron”
  • Kimberly Brooks (voice of Allura)
    “The Lion Has New Claws”
  • Benjamin Kaltenecker (Line Producer)
    “Secret of the White Lion”
  • Jeff Adams (Supervising Picture Editor)
    “The Witch Gets A Facelift”
  • Chris Palmer (Director)
    “Give me Your Princess”
  • Josh Hamilton (Story Editor)
    “The Treasure of Planet Tyrus”

I think that you fans of Voltron will agree that is a nice selction of episodes. In addition if you would like to read a bit more about why Voltron 84 came about – you can in fact read this interview over on io9.
Voltron 84

Now that you know of Voltron 84, watch the intro to the original series!

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The Mysterious Cities of Gold Now on Netflix Streaming

Great news for fans of the Japanese-French animated series The Mysterious Cities of Gold. All 39 episodes of the 1982/193 animated series is available through Netflix Streaming. So now with the click of your mouse you can travel back to 1532 and join in on the adventures of Esteban as he journeys to the New World in search of the lost Cities of Gold and his father.


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Watch the Wonder Years on Netflix Streaming

I was flicking (flixing?) through Netflix this morning, trying to arrange my Halloween watching for October when I stumbled across something wonderful. The Wonder Years, the nostalgia invoking masterpiece, is now available to watch through Netflix Streaming. So if this selection of fall programming has got you down and you have watched all the Trek you can handle on Netflix Streaming, point your browser or streaming device over to The Wonder Years and enjoy.

wonder years

Fawlty Towers: Basil Fawlty By David Stokes

It just so happens that I do in fact work at an Inn/Hotel when I’m not sharing things with you, friends. So while I absolutely adore the antics of the legendary John Cleese as Basil Fawlty in the BBC classic Fawlty Towers…it freezes my blood to think that maybe, just maybe a guest thinks I’m as rude as he is. Stokesbook or as he is better known, David Stokes, over on deviantART created this fantastic piece of art showing Basil Fawlty’s normal look…that of disdain.

If you’ve not had the pleasure by chance to watch an episode of Fawlty Towers the entire series is available on Netflix Streaming!