Adam West Nestle Quik

Adam West Nestle Quik Commercial (1966)

Before Nestle Quik became Nesquik and before they introduced their Bunny mascot, they made this Adam West Nestle Quik commercial. It features Adam West. It it he is not the caped crusader, but a suave and fast on his feet Captain Q. A great character that really tapped into the spy zeitgeist that was peaking around the time this ran in 1966.

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This might be apocryphal, but according to Tommy at Bat-Blog this commercial is what convinced the producers of the upcoming Batman TV series to cast Adam West. Watching it now you can see why West was perfect for the role. He plays Captain Q with a smiling seriousness. You can tell that he is in on the joke and wants you to enjoy what he is doing. But he always wants you to be included in the jokes.

This combined with his leading man charisma, is what made him such a great Bruce Wayne. The entire time he knew what he was creating. Yet he was able to do it all with a straight-face. The only clue was that slight twinkle in his eye. Silent communication with the audience letting us know that this is all very silly and that is okay.

West is brilliant here and after watching this, I would have come to the same conclusions as the producers of Batman.

Watch the Adam West Nestle Quik Commercial