Jim Henson’s Muppet Stories

2013-07-15 10.32.09

I have always loved the Muppet Babies, so when I found this book in a local thrift store recently I had to pick it up.

According to the Muppet Wikia 10 volumes of Muppet Stories were released, although since this is number 11, I suspect there were more. I think the real question is, could there ever be enough volumes of Muppet stories released? The answer is no.

2013-07-15 10.32.59

Dark Crystal Lunchbox

2013-12-11 16.43.34

It’s got Jen! It’s got Kira! It’s got a bag full of Doritos and a Thermos full of Kool-Aid! It’s the Dark Crystal lunchbox, straight from eBay to me!

Last week on Throwback Reviews Sean and I along with special guest Doug McCoy did an entire show dedicated to The Dark Crystal. While Sean and Doug are both fans of the film, I was more of a Labyrinth guy as a kid. Unfortunately for me eBay is fresh out of Labyrinth lunchboxes, so I had to settle for this Dark Crystal one instead.

I love displaying my retro lunchboxes but I also love bringing my lunch to work with them, which I do fairly regularly. Funny, I never noticed until this morning how much Aughra looks like a baggie full of raisins.

If you’re a fan of the film as we are here at the Retroist, don’t forget to check out some of our previous Dark Crystal posts and the Retroist Podcast discussing the film.

Sesame Street and The Muppets on Vinyl

2013-12-02 19.21.48

This time of year makes me nostalgic for vinyl records. Back when I was a kid, my mom always had music playing in our living room during the holiday season — sometimes we listened to the radio, but more often than not she would pull out her favorite records and play them on the living room stereo while we were in the house. Sometimes it was Christmas music but sometimes it wasn’t. Whatever it was, it was always family friendly and my sister and I enjoyed it. I’ve always associated listening to records with happy times and being around family.

I spent some time the other evening organizing my record collection. It’s very small — somewhere around 60 records or so — but it’s pretty specific in nature. I enjoy records that remind me of my childhood, and most of the ones I own do that in one way or another. I can’t think of much that reminds me of my childhood more than the Muppets and Sesame Street, which is why I picked these up throughout the years. Some of them like the movie soundtracks have since been released on CD, but many of them have not nor is it likely they ever will be released digitally.

I have always enjoyed the act of putting a record on the turntable and listening to it. It feels so… intentional, I suppose, when compared to simply having music on in the background of your car or blaring from a television in the next room.

Movin’ right along, Fozzy.

muppet magazine mr t

Christmas in July with John Denver and the Muppets

I ran across this vinyl gem in a thrift store for a buck last weekend and had to pick it up!

Unlike the Retroist, I didn’t own this record as a kid. I did, however, hear it multiple times each year around the holidays. John Denver and the Muppets’ version of The Twelve Days of Christmas was in regular rotation each year around the holidays at my elementary school. Several years in a row we performed this version of the song in our yearly Christmas programs.

One thing I will never tire of is album artwork. Compared to significantly smaller CD covers (and the even smaller renditions that show up on my phone), vinyl albums seem downright huge, and I love going over the pictures and spotting all the cool details.

Years ago I found this album for sale around the holidays on CD, which I promptly bought and then ripped to mp3 format as well. I don’t know how much playing time this record will actually get, but I certainly adore that artwork and will definitely have this album on display somewhere in the house during the holiday season this year.

One thing I have never understood is people who sell holiday-related items in the off season. It seems like I am always buying Christmas-related items in the spring, Halloween-related items in the winter, and leftover Easter candy in the summer.