Of Muppets and Men (1980)


I’ve been on a big Muppet kick lately, and this documentary is simply amazing. If you enjoy not just the Muppet Show but the Muppets in general, you owe it to yourself to set aside an hour and watch this documentary which has been uploaded to Youtube.

Filmed during the fifth and final season of the Muppet Show, “Of Muppets and Men” features all your favorite Muppets and “Muppeteers” and gives viewers a glimpse into just how crazy it was putting on a new episode of The Muppet Show every week. The documentary has been released twice, once by Films Incorporated (for educational outlets) and once as a bonus feature on “The Very Best of the Muppet Show: Volume 1.” I had not seen it before I stumbled across it this morning. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.


Zero Mostel Recites “Fears of Zero” on the Muppet Show

Amazing talent – amazing sketch. “Fears of Zero” was a sketch written by Jerry Juhl for episode 202 of “The Muppet Show”. In it, Zero Mostel recites a poem about his fears, surrounded by the Purple Heap, the Green Heap, Shakey Sanchez, the Snerfs, and Timmy Monster. The fears take the form of these various monsters that crawl all over Zero-but he is able to quickly “dispel” them by counting them and wishing them away. At the end of the sketch, Zero reveals that his greatest fear has yet to come. Timmy Monster walks onto the scene, and Zero warns the audience that his most terrible fear is that the monster will count and dispel him! Sure enough, Zero fades away, leaving Timmy to ponder what has happened.

Unfortunately, one of Zero’s fears did come true: Zero’s fear of death. He died on September 8, 1977. Mostel would have the distinction of being the only guest on “The Muppet Show” to die before his appearance was broadcast.