Festival Fantástico

Festival Fantástico

I recently stumbled upon these interesting comic covers whilst browsing around the internet. It’s hard to find information about them but I believe them to be Mexican of origin, printed during the late 80’s. The artwork isn’t original, the first issue for example is the 1985 Care Bears #1 Comic from Star (Marvel) and I recognize several of the others shown here.

Festival Fantástico

Festival Fantástico

Do we have any Mexican readers who can provide more information? Did the series feature characters other than the Ewoks, Spider-Man, Heathcliff, Thundercats, Muppet Babies and Care Bears?

Muppet Babies: Head to Toe!

Image 0001

I’m a huge fan of the Muppet Babies and I’ve recently began doodling, so when I ran across this book I quickly snatched it assuming it was a book on how to draw the Muppet Babies! It turns out it’s not; it’s a book about your body parts, as explained by the Muppet Babies.

Image 0002

The book was previously owned by a child named Chelsey, who also thought it was a drawing book and scribbled on half the pages with an orange crayons. Bad Chelsey.

Image 0004

Regardless of the crayon markings and the lack of drawing instructions, I love this book. All the old Disney and Jim Henson books have wonderful artwork in them and I love looking at them.

Image 0005

Jim Henson’s Muppet Stories

2013-07-15 10.32.09

I have always loved the Muppet Babies, so when I found this book in a local thrift store recently I had to pick it up.

According to the Muppet Wikia 10 volumes of Muppet Stories were released, although since this is number 11, I suspect there were more. I think the real question is, could there ever be enough volumes of Muppet stories released? The answer is no.

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