Mr. Potato Head Witch Kit

It’s fun, it’s retro, it’s safe and it’s mess free. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you the Mr. Potato Head Witch Kit.

For around $15 you’ll receive all the parts you need to make your own Mr. Potato Head Witch. When I first saw this advertisement I thought it came with a plastic pumpkin as well, but the kit is intended for use on real pumpkins. The pumpkin in the above picture is either extremely perfect, or extremely airbrushed. I set out on Google to find someone who had actually purchased and used the kit and found this happy family:

Thanks to the nice people over at Inspire Me Crafts for sharing the picture of their own Mr. Potato Head Witch Kit!

Mr. Potato Head “Trick or Tater”

Enhance you Halloween experience with Haunted potatoes from beyond the grave! Mr. Potato Head is always dressed for the occasion, and this is no exception. Trick or Tater has everything you need for an eerie and active Halloween! He comes with glow-in-the-dark eyes, scary ears, nose, shoes, two arms, fang teeth, pumpkin candy bag, and hat. I mean look at this guy, he is adorable.

trick or tater

I think a “Trick or Tater” would make a cumbersone yet creative Halloween costume. So enhance your Halloween and get your very own Mr. Potato Head Trick or Tater today.