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Mr. Do! and Time Pilot ColecoVision Commercial.

Thanks to the fantastic Retroist Podcast – Episode 105 – Mr. Do! yesterday it got me thinking about this commercial from back in the day for the ColecoVision home port of the classic arcade title! [Via] Dig That Box Retro’s … Continue reading

Retroist Podcast – Episode 105 – Mr. Do!

On today’s show I talk about the arcade and home video game hit, Mr. Do! I talk about some of the company that made it (and some of their other titles), how to play the game, its sequels and lots … Continue reading

Parallel Thinking in the creation of Classic Games: Dig Dug and Mr. Do

MrNeilESQ posted a great look at the similarities of two games made by two companies at the same time. Two games that demonstrate that similar ideas can come to fruition without being ripoffs of one another. I found it very … Continue reading

Mr. Do’s Castle Ad

One thing anyone who knows me can tell you. I love Mr. Do. It was my favorite game in the 1980s and although my gaming has certainly evolved I still play Mr. Do on MAME at least once a week. … Continue reading