Snap Together Star Wars Vans


Fellow Retroist Iseerobotsrecently posted a great magazine scan featuring Star Wars. The highlight for me was the Star Wars Snap Together Vans and I immediately set to work to find out more.


Thanks to the Star Wars Model Kit Gallery site, I now know a lot more about the vans and have a better idea of what they looked like. Generally made of around 25 pieces and released in 1978, the kits looked fairly easy to assemble for the 8+ age group.


Of the three that were made, my favourite is the Luke model with “Artoo-Detoo” a close second. I’m not too keen on the artwork for the Vadar van but I’d still like to own the full set!


Be sure to check out the Star Wars Model Kit Gallery site for more great models and to see the instructions and more images for the van kits.

MPC Empire Strikes Back Model Kits

I have always been a horrible model builder. This has not stopped me from trying time and again. The problem is that I can never control my glue. I really liked to the look of the MPC Empire Strikes Back Model kits, because they are really more diorama than model. And as anyone who knows me will tell you, I am a nut for a diorama (I am also horrible at making those).

MPC Empire Strikes Back Model Kits