The Original Microsoft Mouse


This “beautiful” mouse, sometimes referred to as the “Green Eye” Mouse, was released by Microsoft in 1983. It retailed for about $195 and came packed with Word and three other programs a musicial tutorial, teaching the user how to use a mouse; The Game of Life, a population simulator to familiarize users with using a command line; and the Multi-Toll NotePad, text-editing software.

I had some decent exposure to this mouse at the computer store they opened in my hometown when I was a kid and thought it was pretty amazing (and I loved those green buttons). Did anyone else get to use one or still have one? Do you have any thoughts or impressions you would like to share?

Nintendo Entertainment System Mouse

I have never received so many messages from people all at once asking me to post something, but 12 people contacted me in 10 minutes with links to this very cool NES mouse concept. Sadly it is only a foam sculpture at this point, but it does not look like it would be too difficult to put this badboy into production. Sign me up.


More info about the NES Mouse [@]mousevomit