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Visit the Mountain Dew Throwback Shack

I love the Throwback Sodas. At this point, they are pretty much all I drink when I get them and I want them to stick around for a long time. So I am very happy to see that Pepsi is putting marketing money behind these beverages. This week they launched a brand new online tie-in with their Mountain Dew Throwback brand, The Mountain Dew Throwback Shack.

throwback shack

The Shack is an online destination that acts as a home of Throwback Willy, the 1960s animated Mountain Dew pitchman. While there you can explore Willy’s home and learn all about Mountain Dew and when you find DEW-themed items that you can click on them, and if you have a Facebook account, have a chance to win them. But it does not stop there, because the easter eggs abound in this shack in the woods. Keep clicking and you will find also find DEW-inspired recipes like Mountain Dew pancakes, stir-fry, and steak marinade, and in the main room you can listen to a retro playlist courtesy of 8tracks. The whole site just gives me that barefoot feeling…

So if you are a fan of the Dew, drop on by and enjoy. This is a clever and fun website, a must for retro fans and DEW-lovers alike. Oh and even if you do not win any of the prizes on the site, you are a winner already, because as I mentioned earlier, when we see a company spending money on this sort of marketing, we can feel assured that a product that we are behind 100% is going to be around for awhile. Of course, it will help if you go out and get some Dew this holiday weekend. So load up. The first one (at least in jpg form) is on me…

Pepsi Throwback Returns to Shelves July 31 for 5 Weeks

Great News soda pop fans. The wildly popular Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback are coming back to stores for a limited time starting on July 31 for a mere 5 weeks. As in the past, coverage is spotty, so if your local store carries it, try and confirm they will have it again so that you have a steady supply. Oh and as always STOCK UP. This is the good stuff.

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via Bev Review

Real Sugar-based “Pepsi Throwback” Poised to Hit US Shelves


Like any serious soda person, I prefer my pop to be sweetened with Sugar Cane rather than Corn Syrup. I do not have a health reason for this, I just think Sugar Cane based sodas taste better/crisper. Now I have always been more of a Coke drinker, but since Coke has made it very difficult for me to procure the sugar based Mexi-Coke I have started searching for alternatives. That search may have ended with the upcoming release of Pepsi Throwback.

Hot on the foreign release success of other Sugar Cane based projects, the geniuses at PepsiCo have finally decided the give the nation what it has been clamoring for, Real Pepsi (with a different name). I plan on supporting this project unconditionally in the hopes that it will spur Pepsi to make cane sugar a permanent part of their lineup or *gasp* bring it back into production on its flagship brand.

Coke fans should remember that if Pepsi Throwback is a success we will see some copying by the Atlanta bottler. Look for Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback on US shelves this April. Get in line behind me.