Dear She-Ra

I’ve been reading the Telepictures’ Princess of Power Magazine during my lunchbreaks recently and I just had to share the innocence of its lovely “Dear She-Ra” pages. The letter writers, all young girls, have an affinity for horses, blond hair and anything pink that I expect is the complete opposite of why young boys were watching her big brother!

Dear She-Ra, I wish you could come visit me on Earth. You could bring all of your friends with you! I am seven years old and I like you a lot.

I like the young Mary Ellis from Stone Harbor in New Jersey. Her 1986 letter is short, to the point, and instantly tells you how much She-Ra meant to her young fans. I wonder if similar role models exist now for young girls? Perhaps the older Mary Ellis has a daughter of her own and is bestowing those Etherian ideals on a new generation?

He-Man and the Masters of the Universe : Re-Mastered!

If you enjoyed watching the He-Man animated TV show back in 1984, then I think you’ll enjoy this treat from artist Giovanni Ricco who has re-created the show intro in fantastic high-definition! The artwork has been re-drawn and re-coloured, with new visual effects and a shiny new logo, and it looks stunning.

The talented creator was also thoughtful enough to include a WIP video without the colours and effects too!

Check out Giovanni’s Youtube channel to see what else he is capable of.

Masters of the Universe art by Simon Soltau

When I’m not posting here at The Retroist, I can often be found over at my 80’s Animated Fan-Art Tumblr, finding awesome fan-created images of He-Man, Thundercats, and other animated shows that I grew up with. It’s always a joy to discover new art, especially when it is as good as these pieces from German artist Simon Soltau.

Paintings such as ‘Attack of the Invisible Gnomes’ (above) and ‘He-Man and the Power Sword’ (below) are the reason that I enjoy fan-art so much and spend hours a week trying to keep track of it all. Head on over to Simon’s Deviant Art profile where you’ll also find the brilliant King of Grayskull.

He-Man and the Power Sword

You should also visit his blog where you can discover a little about the process involved with creating such art, like this video:

For more cool MOTU fan-art, my Tumblr is a great place to start.

Witness the ‘Fall of Grayskull’ Teaser Trailer

I’ve always been a huge fan of Masters of the Universe and this includes the much-derided feature film starring Dolph Lundgren. When news reached me a few years ago that a new film could be on the way, I was excited. Special effects and budgets have improved dramatically in the years since the last movie and a new He-Man on the big screen would have been a welcome treat. Alas, with every passing month, my confidence that the film might make it to my local multiplex diminishes but all is not lost!

Thanks to a recent Kickstarter campaign, film-maker Daniel Benedict is about to bring us Fall of Grayskull and from the brief teaser below, it is looking awesome!

Visit the Fall of Grayskull movie site for more about the film or the Castle Grayskull Man website for more from Daniel and we’ll have the full trailer here on The Retroist when it is released.