Terry Gilliam’s Deleted Animations from Monty Python & The Holy Grail

I love the various works of the Monty Python crew, and I’m an especially big fan of their greatest movie – Monty Python & THe Holy Grail. This is a film that I must have watched a dozen times and I expect to watch it many more times in the future! Today I learnt that it is getting another re-release in the form of a 40th anniversary “Blu-Ray, DVD and limited edition castle gift set” and I was intrigued enough by that gift set option that I went searching for more info.

What I found was the video below, one of the new disc extras, featuring the genius that is Terry Gilliam commentating on some of the deleted animation work from the film!

The gift set, if you’re interested, includes “Catapult packaging and rubber farm animals” – nothing strange about that!

‘Tis but a scratch

'Tis but a scratch

Here is Luke Skywalker and Monty Python’s Black Knight sharing a moment, courtesy of Naolito.com. Why hasn’t the internet teamed Star Wars and Python up more? Oh, it has, there is Monty Python & The Holy Lightsaber:


Oh, and the Star Wars Argument sketch…

Or how about a little witch burning…

Or the Knights that say ‘Ni’!

It seems the internet knows what it is doing. Carry on everyone.

Captain Fantastic: More Super than Superman!

Captain Fantastic

Between December 1967 and May 1969, British TV channel ITV aired a show called ‘Do Not Adjust Your Set’ which many say was a precursor to 1969’s Monty Python’s Flying Circus. I only became aware of the show thanks to my love of Python and one particular character stood out for me – Captain Fantastic!

As the lyrics from this ‘fantastic’ song will tell you, he’s more super than Superman, more bat than Batman and he’s done more good than Robin Hood!

A mere song doesn’t do him justice though, what you really want is to see him in action:

If you’re a Python fan craving something similar, you can’t go wrong with a little Captain Fantastic! Where else will you find David Jason chasing around after a walking tree?

Monty Python’s Supermen can’t repair bicycles?

Bicycle Repair Man

I’ve been watching the Monty Python team perform their extra special blend of surreal comedy for 30 years now but I have to confess that I’ve not seen every episode of the Flying Circus TV show. This is a good thing though, as it allows me to see some of their sketches with fresh eyes and it’s always a delight when this happens – like today, when I stumbled across the Bicycle Repair Man sketch. Enjoy!

You can also check out Monty Python’s Argument Clinic here at The Retroist too!

Warhammer Monty Python Holy Grail Miniatures

I’ve never actually played Warhammer, but from what I understand it’s a lot like Dungeons and Dragons except players use actual miniatures on table-top landscapes to represent their armies and movements. While I’m sure the game itself is fun, players spend hours upon hours buying, painting, and customizing their miniature armies.

Recently I saw a link to a couple of pictures that made my heart warm, my jaw drop and my eyes pop out all at the same time! Warhammer player Aaron Chapman created his own set of Monty Python and the Holy Grail miniatures for Warhammer. I don’t have much more information than the pictures Aaron posted, but this is one case where the pictures really do speak for themselves.

Here is The Black Knight …


… the Knights Who Say “Ni” …


.. and the brave, brave Sir Robin (along with the Three-Headed Giant).


More pictures of Aaron’s Monty Python miniatures, along with several of his other creations, can be found by clicking “Links” on Aaron’s website.

Now go, and bring me … a shrubbery.