Tron & Tron: Legacy Posters By Eric Tan

While I would love for these two pieces of art to be hanging on my living room wall, this is sadly not to be as they are already sold out. The talented Eric Tan over at Mondo Tees crafted these works of art for the Alamo Drafthouse. Eric had this to say about the posters:

“When creating posters for each of the ‘Tron’ films, what immediately came to mind were the parallels between the two worlds and how it had progressed over the years. Since similar elements such as disks, light cycles, and recognizers exist in both, I thought showing the contrast between new and old was a visually interesting angle to play up. Linking the two main characters was something I thought would add to the storytelling and the father/son dynamic between Kevin and Sam Flynn. To me, those films are amazing examples of visual ‘candy,’ and I hope I was able to capture that in my posters.”

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