Commodore C64 Movie Server

What do you do with hardware when it is broken? A lesser person might just toss it in the trash, but not Blogger and modder, CDBurnerr. He took a broken C64 and 1541 drive and turned their shells into a handsome and decidedly retro movie server. He was also kind enough to put together some basic instructions and some photos on his blog about the project, Commodore C-64 Movie Server. I would have liked some more details, but the end results are more then enough to satisfy the casual looky-loo, while perhaps inspiring the skilled modder.

Here is the end result, but many more pictures over at the site.

c64 movie server

The Atari 2600 Pause Kit

atari 2600 pause kit

Have you ever wanted to pause your Atari 2600 to take a phone call or make a sandwich, but when you reached down to hit the pause switch you realized, “the atari never had a pause button!” Well for a mere 20 bucks and a little time behind the soldering iron, you can mod you Atari 2600 to gain the very modern ability to pause. The kit is being sold at the Atari Age store and includes:

  • Populated Atari 2600 Pause Kit circuit board
  • Red, Black, Blue, Green and Orange (x2) wires
  • Heat shrink tubing
  • Toggle switch
  • Double-sided tape

A great way to bring a bit of modern to something retro, so drop by the Atari Age store and order yours before they are gone.

The Portable Nintendo 64 – The 64 Boy!

Spiritwalker47 is one of those people who looked at his console and said…why can’t I carry that with me? Instead of just running to the store to buy a Gameboy, he used his considerable talent and 80 hours of his time to turn his N64 into a portable 64 Boy. He documented the build and demonstrates the system in a video.

I guess he decided a Gameboy might be a better solution after all, because he has decided to sell his 64 Boy. He is open to bids, but it looks like he shooting to get about $1000. You can contact him through his video channel to enter a bid.