The C64 is Coming Back!

This is incredible.
Incredible as in – of course a hack of the C64 case has probably been done multiple times and, of course, you can get the proper legal documents to market such a wonderful marriage of retro ‘puter madness and whizbang modernity.

Also incredible as in – if this were April (or late March) I’d have none of it. You can’t fool me mister. No way.

I wouldn’t embarrass myself submitting a prank article to the retro fan masses so I could be ridiculed for being suckered into wishfully thinking a brillant mod into reality.

What’s next, an Atari VCS Blu-Ray player? (Hmm…)

But anyway, here it is.

The Commodore 64 is coming back in its original shape and color, powered by a mini-ITX PC motherboard with a Dual Core 525 Atom processor.

The final product is still pending.
But it seems official.
Hey Santa! Make it happen!

Sincerely A.A.S.
(who has not made the naughty list in years, not counting that one time with the egg nog)

Behold, The Commodore 64 Laptop!


A mere 27 years after the introduction of the Commodore 64, Benjamin J. Heckendorn fulfilled my 1982 geek daydreams of having a Commodore 64 laptop. The machine is built from original 64 hardware with a beautiful custom case that captures perfectly the design aesthetic of early 1980 computing.

What’s could be more impressive? How well it works. As you can see in this demo video.

More Video and Pics of the Commodore 64 laptop [at]