There Is A LEGO Knight Rider Set. No, Really!

That isn’t a fanmade Knight Rider set from the Brothers Brick, that is an official LEGO set – a Knight Rider set that should hit store shelves next February.

So this Knight Rider set means LEGO is going to take over the world, right?

Pretty much. At least in regards to pop culture retro related properties. I mean, please don’t get me wrong but who is it that you think LEGO is aiming this Knight Rider set to? I say it is most definitely the likes of us that visit The Retroist!

That isn’t all that LEGO is making for us retro-minded fans though. I previously shared the information about the upcoming LEGO Dimensions sets besides Knight Rider back in June. You might remember we are also getting Gremlins
The A-Team
Mission Impossible
E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial
and last but not least The Goonies – or at least Sloth from that film.

Why should we care about a LEGO Knight Rider though?

I know there may be a few of you out there that are asking yourself this very question. You are all dead to me. Just kidding of course – but how can you not get excited about a LEGO minifig version of David Hasselhoff, I mean Michael Knight?
Image courtesy of io9.

Image courtesy of io9.

My friends, please listen to me. We are lucky enough to live in a time where by next year you will be able to have Dr. Peter Venkman of 1984’s Ghostbusters driving K.I.T.T. through Gremlins’ Kingston Falls!
Image courtesy of io9.

Image courtesy of io9.

I kind of think that LEGO has made some amazing and excellent choices with Knight Rider and the other retro properties. In fact I believe I couldn’t be more impressed if they suddenly announced they were releasing a set for…

A huge thank you to Andrew Liszewski of io9 for the heads up on the Knight Rider set. Hey, if like myself you are geeking out over this release and need to pass the time until February, you can always keep Hasselhoff’s True Survivor on constant loop, right?

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Mission Impossible TV Opening (1966-1973)

I’ve stated way back in one of my first Game Reviews for the site how much I loved the 1980s TV series Mission: Impossible, that love for the show became an obsession when I got my hands on some of the 1966 episodes on VHS…and I picked up more than a few of the Laserdisc collections about 6 six years after that.

Airing in September of 1966 until March of 1973 on the CBS Network and featuring for the first couple of episodes, Dan Briggs (Steven Hill, until disputes caused him to be let go), was replaced by Jim Phelps (Peter Graves) who went on to lead the IMF team even in the revival series starting in 1988 and lasted until 1990.

Let’s take a moment and talk about that Impossible Missions Force Team, I mean just look at this list of actors who helped overthrow enemy spies, tyrants, and madmen:

Steven Hill (1966–1967)
Peter Graves (1967–1973)
Barbara Bain (1966–1969)
Martin Landau (1966–1969)
Greg Morris (1966-1973)
Peter Lupus (1966–1973)
Leonard Nimoy (1969–1971)
Lesley Anne Warren (1970-71)
Lynda Day George (1971–1973)
Sam Elliott (1970–1971)

Now my favorite members of the team had to be Landau, Morris, and Nimoy. Landau played the role of Rollin Hand who was an actor, magician, make-up artist, as well as being a master of escape. Greg Morris’s character was Barnard “Barney” Collier and his talents were that of electronic genius and mechanics, he also owned Collier Electronics. Greg’s real-life son Phil Morris was cast in the second generation series that aired on the ABC Network in the 80s, Phil played Grant Collier who was of course the son of Barnard. Leonard Nimoy played…wait for it…”The Great Paris” who had exactly the same skills as Rollin Hand since he was his replacement.

I dare you not to start making action poses as soon as you see these intros…I double dog dare ya!

Thankfully the original Mission Impossible series is available on Netflix Instant if you so happen to have some time on your hands and want to watch some incredible episodes from and an Impossibly great TV series.

A big tip of the hat to Kraal77 and fwohhp for uploading those intros over on YouTube!