Can You Pass Daniel XIII’s Super Horror Identification Challenge?

Hey creeps! It’s been a while since yer ol’ pal The Ouija Board Kid, Daniel XIII, has roamed these haunted hallways, but good news; I have returned to tease yer brains (instead of just eating them like I would have in the past…I’m a more gallant ghoul as of late). Anyway, ready to take my terrifying test? Here goes…


Now we all know that daper dude on the right is the zombified remains of former Misfit’s drummer Dr. Chud, but who is that Chess King spokes model on the left? How about a lil’ thinkin’ music while you ponder this monstrous mystery?

Give yer best guess below, and no Googlin’ ya goons! Oh, and I’ll drop by later with the arcane answer!

With your Hosts, The Twins of Evil!


As you all may know, there is nothing I love more than a late night creature feature hosted by a unique personality; everyone from Elvira to Morgus to Svengoolie all share a special place in my black heart. But, I have to admit my fiends, we were almost graced with something a bit more awesome; as the legendary horror punk band the Misfits vied to have their own stint at hosting classic Drive-In creature features! Why this didn’t come to fruition I do not know, but at least we have some footage of what could have been!

Have a Horror Rock Halloween with Michale Graves!

As you creeps well know, I’m a huge fan of the horror rock genre, and for my money no one in the business does it better than Michale Graves! From his days fronting legendary horror punk band the Misfits, all the way to his latest release from Hydraulic Entertainment “The Lost Skeleton Returns”, Michale has provided fans with a multitude of instant Halloween classics (although your ol’ pal The Ouija Board Kid recommends a healthy dose of this type of music everyday year ‘round)!

The Skel-Crow is Back!

The Skel-Crow is Back!

Recently Michale has unleashed a series of music videos, each featuring scenes from classic fright films of years past set to his unforgettable music, as well as a long form narrative video for his new track “Zombie”! Why not check them all out now and create the perfect soundtrack for this ghoulish holiday!

As a bonus, Hydralic Entertainment CEO and Producer of The Lost Skeleton Returns, Mark Allen Stuart recently revealed his top 10 favorite horror films (and the emphasis is on great retro classics)! Here’s the list:

10) Signs (that scene when they see the alien for the first time on TV -scariest 30 seconds in the history of film)…
9) Last Man on Earth (it disturbed me for days when i first watched it)
8) 28 Days Later (created the “fast” zombie)
7) Alien (you never really saw the alien – but the fear was riveting)
6) Invasion of the Body Snatchers (1956 Mad Men meet alien impostors – are you really you? It messes with your mind scary)
5) John Carpenters Halloween 2 (will that night ever end)
4) Psycho (taxidermist boy next door)
3) John Carpenters The Thing (the first gross out sci-fi horror film)
2) Night of the Living Dead (watch it at 2am alone and tell me it doesn’t get to you)
1) John Carpenters Halloween (BY FAR THE BEST Halloween film ever)

Feel free to list your must see fright flicks in the comments section!

New Wave Halloween

There are lots of Halloween albums for the masses. But if you’re one of those sensitive, proto-emo types. there is just one Halloween album for you: New Wave Halloween.

New Wave Halloween features the obligatory-but-still-awesome Halloween theme as well as a host of songs called “Halloween” by bands like Sonic Youth, Dead Kennedy, and Misfits.

It also has the Ramones “Pet Semetery”, a song I rocked heavily during my junior year of high school and that opens with these awesome, Halloween-ish lyrics:

“Under the arc of a weather stain boards,
Ancient goblins, and warlords,
Come out of the ground, not making a sound,
The smell of death is all around…”

Time is sadly running out, but if you can swing it today and still have that Flock of Seagulls hairstyle, you might give New Wave Halloween a try.