Shields and Yarnell

I was watching a movie called Buskers the other night. It is about street performers. Why would I watch that? Because that’s the kind of weird stuff I like to watch.

The movie is basically a series of interviews with various buskers/street performers. One of the people being interviewed was a guy named Robert Shields. They had to say it a few times, but it finally dawned on me. Shields…Shields…Shields…Shields and Yarnell!

Shields and Yarnell was a mime team that were always appearing on The Muppet Show as well as other TV shows. I was very young at the time I saw them and didn’t understand anything about mime or teams or art or anything. I just thought they were neat. Over the years I forgot about them, but this documentary awoke my sleeping memories. Happily so, I might add.

What was even cooler, though, was the footage of Shields working as a mime on the streets of San Francisco. I’m not really a mime fan, but the stuff this guy was doing was incredible. Check out the running-sliding thing. Awesome.

Sadly, Yarnell passed away a few years ago. Shields now lives in Arizona, but I don’t know if he’s still performing or not. But they performed on the shows of my childhood, and those are some performances I’ll never forget. At least, not for long.