Imperius Rex! Gaze Upon These Namor The Sub-Mariner Illustrations And Rejoice!

Created by the powerhouse artist/writer Bill Everett in 1939 for Marvel Comics #1 (Although his first appearance was actually an unreleased book entitled Motion Pictures Funnies Weekly), Prince Namor the Avenging Son of Atlantis has been equally comfortable as villain as well as stalwart ally. He has been a member of many teams of super-powered heroes/villains in the Marvel Comics universe such as The Invaders, All-Winners Squad, Avengers, Defenders, Deep Six, The Illuminati (Ugh), The Cabal, Dark X-Men, X-Men, The Order, Heroes for Hire/Oracle, Inc. and Phoenix Five.

Often fitting the bill of anti-hero nonetheless Namor has always been one of my absolute favorite characters ever since my Father picked up a copy of the Invaders for me in my youth. I still have this comic in my collection though sadly sans cover.

Invaders #30

A couple of days ago Comics Alliance put together a nice collection of fan art for Namor by various illustrators like Mike Mignola (Hellboy)…

Image courtesy of Comics Alliance

Image courtesy of Comics Alliance

…as well as Gabriel Hardman (Star Wars Legacy).

Image courtesy of Comics Alliance.

Image courtesy of Comics Alliance.

I think Hardman’s illustration captures the more noble aspects of Namor while Mignola delivers his more haughty and imperial side.

Doom Patrol By The Mirrorball Man!

The Mirrorball Man over at deviantART has done something wonderful with this piece of artwork depicting the DC Comics team, The Doom Patrol. He’s meshed them with Mike Mignola’s (Hellboy) art style and I believe you’ll agree it looks fantastic.

I think I’ll leave the history of the Doom Patrol to Retroist Regular, Daniel Th1rte3n!

This clip from Batman: The Brave and the Bold will at least get you introduced with this team of perpetual outsiders as they use their gifts to aid a humanity that reviles them.

[Via] Tomstoyz2 over on Youtube.

Arkham City: Mr. Freeze Trailer

Yesterday we were treated with the reveal of the Riddler in the upcoming Batman: Arkham City game this October. Now we have my second favorite character and as this trailer shows he is intent on giving the Dark Knight a rather…chilling…welcome.

Thanks to HDgamespoilersCOM for uploading this video on YouTube!

I became a huge Mr. Freeze fan thanks to the Batman Animated Series on Fox back in the 90’s and as most of you already know, his design was designed by none other than Mike Mignola, the creator of Hellboy.