Insert Quarter-Bin: The Art of Merging Games and Comics

The three faux comic covers I’ve included in this post are from a great site I’ve just discovered called Insert Quarter-Bin. Created by artist Rusty Shackles, it aims to “… be more than mere paltry mash-ups, IQB seeks to explore symmetries and celebrate 2 mediums simultaneously…” and I think he’s cracked it here!

IQB: Mario
IQB: Altered Beast

If you like the IQB site, you should also check out PaletteSwapBlog, another of Rusty’s sites with a focus on redesigning video game packaging. From there you’ll see beauties such as this BurgerTime design:

PS: Burgertime

Finally, if you like what the artist is creating himself, you might also be interested in following him on Tumblr where he tends to post a lot of other cool work from other artists too.

Samus and the Metroid Busters

Samus and the Metroid Busters

Imagine if Hanna Barbera had made a Metroid animated show in the 80’s. What would it have looked like, how would the characters have been portrayed?

Artist Will Overton has an idea, it would look something like Samus and the Metroid Busters, and I think it would have been fantastic!

Until someone makes this a reality, why not watch the intro to Captain N: The Game Master, and imagine what might have been…

8-Bit Samus Aran Costume By ChozoBoy

I definitely think that ChozoBoy over at deviantART deserves a standing ovation for his remarkable 8-Bit Metroid Samus Aran costume!

Photo by Dawn Herbstsomer Cattell, PhotoAngels Photography.

Photos by Dawn Herbstsomer Cattell, PhotoAngels Photography.

The folks over at the Nintendo Power magazine were so impressed with the costume they used it in this month’s issue!