Clown Around

Do You Remember Mego’s Clown Around Figurines?

There are quite a few people who suffer from Coulrophobia, the fear of clowns. However maybe they never were able to play with Mego’s Clown Around PVC figurines. Before I go further into the joy of the fantasy world of Clown Around. I need to thank Michael R. Johnson of the Retroist Clubhouse for reminding me of these awesome toys.

Clown Around - Brochure

Image courtesy of the Mego Clown Around Blog.

It is an honest fact that I had plumb let the Clown Around figurines slip from my mind. Having sad that though I can add I was a fan of the collectibles. Back in 1981 you must remember that The Smurfs were making lots of money. Thanks in no small part to their animated series as well as their awesome figurines.

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It of course is no wonder why Mego would decide to throw their hat into the collectibles market. I would very much like to know how they decided on clowns though however. Furthermore they ran with the ball in naming the Clown Around characters. For example you had the likes of President Ronald Reaclown and Bad Bad Leroy Clown as well.

Image courtesy of the Mego Clown Around Blog.

While I never owned a large collection of the figurines. It should be no shock that the two I fondly recall and long for to own again to this day. Were two PVC figures from the Universal Monsters inspired Monster Clowns.

Image courtesy of the Mego Clown Around Blog.

I think we should start with that Dark Prince of Puns. Clownula.
Clown Around

And let us not forget the jolly lycanthrope, Clownman.

I never obtained Clownenstein I am sad to say. But in addition to those two wonderful figures. I also owned the Clown of Steel – Superclown!

Now I have some pretty great news for you if you want to know more about the Clown Around characters!

The Mego Clown Around Blog is chock full of images of the PVC collectibles. Not to mention it has information on the various playsets that were made available in 1981. So make sure to hop on over and check the site out by following the link provided here.

That is totally not Mayor Ed Clown! That is Saturday Night Clown!

Star Trek Phaser Battle

This 1976 Star Trek Phaser Battle Game Is Amazing!

The other night while digging up some information on a future post. I came across Mego’s 1976 Star Trek Phaser Battle game. An electronic ‘handheld game’ that is just stunningly amazing. Placing the Player on the bridge of the USS Enterprise (NCC-1701) to seek out and destroy enemy Klingon vessels.
Star Trek Phaser Battle

Of course it’s not like Mego wasn’t known in the 70s for making quality Star Trek products. Starting in 1974 they began manufacturing 8″ figures. The line of toys included characters that you would naturally assume they would release. Like Kirk, Spock, Dr. McCoy, Mr. Scott, Lt. Uhura, and a Klingon.

Which resulted in the incredibly rare 1975 USS Enterprise Gift Set!

[Via] Trek Movie

Doing a little research this morning I was able to find some interesting facts about the Star Trek Phaser Battle game. It was rather expensive for the time. In 1976 it was being sold for $69.99 which would cost a little under $300 today. So obviously this electronic game had a hefty price tag. It was also quite large – measuring 13″ x 13″ by 16″.

Viewing the vintage television commercial below however…I have to say I think it would be worth it. Take a moment and check out all of the bells and whistles this game had to offer.

[Via] FyberOptic

Thanks to the Handheld Museum we can also scope out the front and back of the game box. While I really enjoy the back of the box – used at the top of the post, with Kirk, Chekov, and Sulu. I admit I get a chuckle out of Mr. Spock’s rather disdainful look at the child. At least that is how I read it.

Box art images courtesy of the Handheld Museum.

“Judging by your score, it is only logical to point out that a game of tic-tac-toe is more your speed.”

While the commercial for the Star Trek Phaser Battle game is impressive. How would you like to see it in action?

[Via] Sly DC

1980s Newspaper Article Shows He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe “Spreading Good Cheer”!

Image courtesy of the Will is a Dork Tumblr.

Image courtesy of the Will is a Dork Tumblr.

Now doesn’t that brighten your day? Here is a picture of He-Man and Skeletor putting aside their differences to help ease the pain of others.

I’m not sure the print is legible but it reads: “Three Masters of the Universe characters recently paid a visit to the pediatric department at Frederick Memorial Hospital. The visit to spread good cheer was made possible by Frederick Towne Mall and Mattel Toys. Getting a handshake is Adam White, 3 1/2, of New Market, as he is held by grandmother Mary Louise Dotterer. Standing from the left are He-Man (Rick Malee), Skeletor (Rudy Fish), and Orko (Debbie Raley).
(Photo by Sam Yu)”

This photo came courtesy of the Will Is A Dork tumblr. Will is William McKenzie, who just happens to be a big name in the word of Custom Mego!

Muhammad Ali Boxing Set by Mego

Why settle for plain old Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots when you can have a boxing game with the champ himself, Muhammad Ali. It looks like you just put the champ and the chump he is fighting on a stick and jab them at each other, which sound technology appropriate for the 1970s.

ali ring

According to Hake’s
15.25×15.5×3.25″ deep box has front panel photo showing Ali in white Everlast trunks hitting boxer in red trunks as crowd cheers in bkg. Mego #61714 ©1976 Herbert Muhammad Enterprises Inc. Contains plastic figure of Ali and his opponent (who resembles Ken Norton), boxing ring and sealed robes. Missing are the 2 long-reach activators. O/w set is complete and appears unused. St. aging to boots, opponent’s robe as sealed. N. Mint contents. Box shows moderate wear/fading to front panel which has 1″ area of surface paper lift due to sticker removal. Fine. From the Tomart Archives.

Muhammad Ali Boxing Set by Mego [@] Hake’s