With These Mondo Enamel Pins You Can Show Off Your Love For Mega Man!

When Capcom unleashed Mega Man on the Nintendo Entertainment System they easily created one of the longest gaming series as well as a lasting icon. On various and multiple consoles across the World – the Blue Bomber – has been featured in over 50 games since 1987.

Mondo has a little something to help fans of the Mega Man series show off their devotion to the character with three enamel pins that are available for pre-order. Besides the Mega Man 1-Up icon, you also can pick up an energy tank pin and one of Mega Man jumping – all three designed by artist Jay Shaw!
Mega Man - 1 Up

All images courtesy of Mondotees.Com

All images courtesy of Mondotees.Com

Mega Man Jumping Pose - Mondo
By the way, the reason that Mega Man was nicknamed the Blue Bomber is thanks to Nintendo Power.

Mega Man II - Nintendo Power

They jokingly applied that nickname to the character as a nod to Rock ‘Em Sock ‘Em Robots – the blue robotic boxer’s name is the Blue Bomber. Readers of the magazine just kind of started using the nickname and before you knew it – Capcom started using it as well!
Rock Em Sock Em Robots

Now perhaps Mondo can do something about the catchy theme and intro I have stuck in my head from the Mega Man animated series!

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“Please Forgive Me, Mega Man” by SpaceCoyote

A huge thanks to `spacecoyote over at deviantART for this wonderful Mega Man illustration!

“I got into #UdonCrew’s official Mega Man Tribute book! This is one of my four entries that DIDN’T make the cut. I predicted there would be many fierce battles and large group pictures entered to the contest, so I wanted to depict simple quiet scenes.

I like how this one came out, but I didn’t think it had a chance of getting in because the idea isn’t very original. I’m going to guess quite a few people who entered chose to illustrate this familiar moment. I could be wrong. But looking at past UDON tribute books, they seem to favour more unique concepts.”

Street Fighter X Tekken for PS3 and Vita to have Pac-Man and Mega Man as Special Characters

I do not own a PS3, so I do not usually follow game news for the system, but I found this tidbit difficult to ignore. In the upcoming release of Street Fighter X Tekken for the PS3 and Vita, two classic Capcom/Namco characters will be playable, Pac-Man and Mega Man. Mega Man, well that was a real surprise, but Pac-Man, that is a super surprise. Want to know what they will look like and how they will fight? Check out the Street Fighter X Tekken teaser trailer.

The game looks pretty good and these characters make me wish I at least had access to a console to play it. If your interested, Street Fighter X Tekken: Special Edition is currently available as a pre-order and will be available nationwide on March 6th.

Megamus Prime

With his vision of hybrid version of Mega Man who has absorbed the autobot hero Optimis Prime’s abilities, Artist Coran “Kizer” Stone, asks the question, “What Happen when yah run out of Bad villains to absorb? Yah become the villain and Absorb The Good Ones!!”

According to Stone, “Oh and he’s just getting starting.” I am looking forward to seeing more of this darker Mega Man’s antics. I would like to see him take on the droids of Star Wars, Voltron and Gigantor. What robots would you like to see evil Mega Man take on?

[via] deviantART