Is That a McRib I See Before Me?

September is here!! Which means we should be seeing the return of the McRib to select locations. Now if you have not seen the McRib in your local McDonalds in the last 10 years, you probably won’t be seeing it this year either (you should really request it). But if you are lucky enough to be in a McRib market, start looking for those words you been longing for at the McDonald’s, “The McRib is Back!”. And remember, your only human daddy…chomp!

mcrib signage

The McRib is Back!

mcrib receipt

The McRib is back at selected locations! I am overjoyed, overwhelmed and maybe just a little ill from eating two cheeseburgers and a McRib in once frenzied sitting. Why do I love the McRib? To me it is the essence, no the distillation, of American fast food culture. It takes a wonderful thing (bbq ribs) and twists them into convenience that is nearly as tasty, but in a completely different way. Its where roadside commerce meats culinary ingenuity. As the famous McRib commercial puts it, “Its like a bbq on a bun without the bones.”

I took a pic of the sandwich, they switched to a box container, which makes more sense then the paper wrapped ones they used to serve. Check out my well slathered McRib and forgive the bite, I couldn’t resist.

mcrib 2008

You know you want one. After all, you are only human daddy, so head to your participating McDonalds and CHOMP!