Halloween and McDonald’s

We’ve talked a little bit this month about what constitutes bad Halloween treats (pencils, pencil erasers, toothbrushes), but what about … gift certificates?

I remember receiving McDonald’s Gift Certificates a few times in the late 70s and early 80s, back in my prime trick-or-treating years. The 1979 commercial below says that the gift certificates were good for a free drink, but I seem to remember receiving some that were good for a sundae as well.

If you didn’t have a pillow sack or some other cool bucket to stash your goods in, you could always pick up one of these plastic carriers from McDonald’s.

At least one year, McDonald’s dressed up the McNuggets in various Halloween outfits.

This commercial coincided with McNugget Happy Meal toys in similar Halloween-themed costumes.


Where Do You Get Your News?

Some like to read the New York Times, Newsweek or the Wall Street Journal. Me? I read the Ronald McDonald Fun Times. “The Times” is hard-hitting, entertaining and brimming with journalistic integrity. The RMFT will tackle the stories that other news organizations wouldn’t dare print.

Are Chicken McNuggets still delicious? What can we expect in our Happy Meals in 2009? You are not going to get that info in your precious USA Today — So subscribe today.