Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show - He-Man

This Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show Has The Power!

Since 1945 Mattel Toys has been bringing an amazing amount of happiness to children. For those of who grew up in the 80s however it was a very recognizable name. It is no surprise why Gallery 1988 decide to host a Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show!

Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show -

Image courtesy of Leilani Joy.

Now while in fact Barbie made her debut back in 1959, I think the doll had a heavy presence in the 80s too. If you take into account the many careers she was offered during that time. From fitness instructor to ice cream parlor owner as well as song writer and performer in fact. At least if we are to judge this TV commercial compilation that is!

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While I think it is safe to say that the Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show will feature more than a few pieces of art focusing on Barbie. It will in addition be featuring a lion’s share of artwork focusing on Masters of the Universe!

Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show - Cuyler Smith

Image courtesy of Cuyler Smith.

Image courtesy of Dan Mumford.

While I have more than a few fond as well as epic memories of my time with He-Man and the other Masters of the Universe toys. I likewise spent many Summers with my cousins playing Barbie. While they may have thought I was Sun Lovin’ Malibu Ken. I was in fact playing as Barney Hiller, the 7 million dollar rogue cyborg from The Six Million Dollar Man!

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As has been abundantly noted the Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show will feature both Barbie and He-Man. However some of these artists with the show will also shine a spotlight on toys like the Magic 8 Ball!

Image courtesy of Cuddly Rigor Mortis.

Because of this I am hoping that we get some Cap’n Crunch insired artwork too.

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The Mattel Toys Tribute Art Show begins on June 23rd.

For further information of course you should visit the Gallery 1988 official site. A big thanks to Germain Lussier of io9 for the heads up on this new exhibit. As well as providing the illustrations you see above!

In addition to this offering from the talented artists of Gallery 1988. You might wish to check out Clark Orr’s “Pop Culture Postage” artwork!

Strange Change

It Was Time For A Change With 1967’s Strange Change Toy!

Mattel’s 1967’s Strange Change toy was designed for all would-be mad scientists. The sad fact of the matter for myself however is that I was born a little too late to see this on the toy shelves. Furthermore I didn’t even know about the Strange Change time machine until just a few months back.
Strange Change

I was creating a post for the Saturday Frights Facebook Page, looking up some vintage monster toys. Which is of course how I happened upon an article from Boing Boing. I didn’t waste any time attempting to find a TV commercial, so I might see the toy in action.

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A couple of things spring to mind after watching that commercial. In the first place, they would never make this toy today. As the Strange Change time machine unit was capable of extreme heat. That is how the Time Capsule is able to reveal the creature hidden within.

Not to mention the need for the included tweezers so that children could safely handle their newly freed beastie. The range of creatures appear to have been everything from robots, monsters, and dinosaurs.

Of course the Lost World was the focus of the Strange Change machine. So naturally dinosaurs were the focus.

When a young mad scientist was finished with their discovery. They would place the creature back into the Expansion Chamber, so it would warm up. Then, using the tweezers of course, they would stuff it into the Compression Chamber. Cranking the heavy metal handle to squeeze it back into a Time Capsule.

Image courtesy of Boing Boing.

I have looked on eBay and the prices for a working toy…are very expensive. While the Strange Change machine was only on the market for a year. It appears that in this case it was a well built toy. And while I am saddened that I probably won’t be playing with one in the near future. At the very least I can take some small amount of comfort that I was around for the Mad Scientist Monster Lab!

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Mattel Instant Replay

He shoots, he scores! Mattel Instant Replay Toy from 1970

My streak of good luck at thrift shops and flea markets continued with this awesome little record playing toy, Mattel Instant Replay. Today if you want to check out some great instant replays from your favorite sports star, it’s as easy as pulling them up on YouTube or an ESPN App. However, back in the early 70s when I was a kid it was a little more difficult. You could wait for the sports report on your local TV station, or read about it the next day in the newspaper.

One day at school a friend of mine had a group of kids gathered around him while he was playing what I thought was a transistor radio. Turns out it was this Mattel Instant Replay toy. It plays tiny records on the battery-powered player. There were many different record sets you could purchase too. All featuring great audio clips of the biggest sports stars of the day.

Mattel Instant Replay

I never got one of these as a kid, but grabbed this one up at a flea market at a great price. I tossed in one “D” cell battery and fired it up. After all this time, the little record player inside still works. The sound is a little noisy, but that is to be expected from a toy that is over 45 years old!

Watch a demo of Mattel Instant Replay

Do You Recall The 1980’s Computer Warriors Toy Line?

As I’ve mentioned on the site before, when it came to transforming toy lines my heart was always with Hasbro’s The Transformers. Which might be why I overlooked the Computer Warriors toys from Mattel back in 1989…even though now I certainly wished I could have at least picked up the Pepsi transforming hover jet playset!

Computer Warriors - Pepsi

The Computer Warriors story finds that a government computer has malfunctioned and it is producing an evil army of viruses, their leader Megahert manages to guide his minions into the real world to begin the take over of all computer systems. Thankfully the same computer realizes it’s mistake and programs four heroic antiviruses dubbed the Computer Warriors, led by Romm, to dispatch the evil Megahert and his cohorts before they can take over the world.

To make sure their activities are not discovered in the real world both forces learn to hide in common objects of the day as in the already mentioned Pepsi can, a soccer trophy, flashlight, pencil sharpener, calculator, digital desk clock, a book entitled “Invasion of the Viruses”, and even a desktop computer.

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There was even a special animated movie produced for the toy line and since it’s a Mattel production you might even spot a familiar figure hidden in a toy chest. For your viewing pleasure is Computer Warriors: The Adventure Begins!
He Man - The Computer Warriors

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“Pepsi Can Transform!”

The Mad Scientist Monster Lab

Mad Scientist

Reading through a Mattel dealer brochure on, I found this for the Mad Scientist toys, circa. 1987. I can’t recall the toy line at all, which is a shame as I think the Monster Lab, from the video below, looks incredible and is definitely something that I would have wanted as a young boy!

I did a little digging on the toys available and there were quite a lot that I would have enjoyed including the Eyeball Maker, Dissect-an-Alien and the Glowing Glob.

As well as the toys, two Mad Scientist cartoons were produced in 1988. Experiment in Error and Night of the Living House are 15 minutes a piece and quite fun, especially the theme tune which is unmistakeably 80’s.

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