Sega’s Master System Games Catalogue

The image above is the front cover to a European pack-in catalogue for Sega’s Master System and, in my opinion, it does a wonderful job of promoting the system. Thanks to the preservation work carried out by the SMS Power website, you can view this and the remainder of the 4-pager in high-resolution here.

How many of the games can you name from the boxart pictures included? I could confidently identify 10 which isn’t bad for a system that I have never owned!

The inside of the catalogue states that the system has “The Ultimate Challenge in Games!” but in the battle for 8-bit console supremacy, I think Sega truly had the ultimate challenge in facing Nintendo’s NES.

Devo’s Whip It in 8Bit

anyone who visits the massive Juggernaut that is probably knows we love Devo here and if you haven’t heard their latest album Something for Everybody then you should probably give it a whirl.
**image created at C64yourself(beta)**
Even if you have never heard of Devo (shame on you) then there is still a big chance you have heard their excellent 1980 single ‘Whip it’ which works so unashamedly in 8bit I can imagine myself playing ‘Devo’s Adventure Castle’ on a NES or even Gameboy… but not on the Sega Master System ;)
This 8Bit concoction was put together buy the youtuber 8BITTS and I think you will agree it’s a mighty tune if ever there was.