The Three Stooges Mask

My Uncle Joe has a Three Stooges Room in his house. One of the things he has hanging on the wall in that room is this mask.

That’s my daughter Morgan there in the middle. My Uncle has had the mask forever, and if you look through enough of our vacation photo albums you can find a picture of just about everybody in our family wearing it at one time or another. I have pictures of me wearing it, my wife wearing it, my son wearing it, and now my daughter.

Surrounded by Curly and Larry, there’s a bit of plastic hair at the top giving the wearer the illusion of having Moe’s famous bowl haircut, although the effect is slightly ruined in this shot by my daughter having her bangs in her face.

The average length of time between putting on the mask and the wearer getting poked in the eyes or having his or her nose twisted is about four seconds, at which point the mask comes off and goes back on the wall until the next visit when someone else will no doubt try it on and have their picture taken.

Dead Klytus Action Figure

I have run across a lot of weird action figures throughout the years, but this is one of the weirdest.

Meet Klytus (on the right), Ming the Merciless’ metal-faced right hand man in the 1980 classic, Flash Gordon. Klytus is a loyal servant who helps Ming make the lives of everyone around him miserable. Toward the end of the movie in a battle against Prince Barin and Flash Gordon, Klytus is pushed on to a platform full of spikes where he is impaled and dies. When he dies, his eyes bug out and his tongue hangs out. Like this:

This is the “Dead Klytus” action figure from the recent line of Flash Gordon figures.

I’ve bought a lot of dumb figures in my life. Next to my desk I have a tiny bobble head Burger King standing next to a knock-off Hulk Hogan thumb wrestler leaning up against a generic Minotaur with a giant handlebar mustache. Let he who does not own an Ugnaught cast the first stone, right? I can’t imagine ever, ever needing a “Dead Klytus” action figure.

Which is exactly why I bought it. ALL HAIL MING!

What Action Figures would you like from the 1986 Sears Wishbook?

Its amazing how the Action Figure landscape changed since the Christmas of 1985 Sears Wishbook. The Robots, Transformers and GI-Joe have actually kept pretty steady since last year, but the Star Wars figures are gone.

Now Rambo has a full page spread and wrestling figures have made it to the big show. The most visible premieres in this catalog are the Thundercats, who get a full splash page, and the remarkably well represented MASK and Chuck Norris Karate Kommandos. I would rather they had cut out some of the MASK and Inhumonoids and blow out the Robotech section on page 7. Four measly figures? Shameful.