The Mighty Thor – Enter Hercules (1966)

Continuing with the celebration of the release of the Avengers film in theaters this weekend, our next short from the Marvel Super Heroes 1966 show is none other than the God of Thunder himself, Thor! In this particular episode he has one of my favorite Marvel Comics characters as a guest star, Hercules, who just so happens to be the Prince of Power. Like in the comics of old when these two meet…they usually do not get along real well.

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The Origin Of Captain America (1966)

With the release of the Avengers film yesterday, and since some of us are working the entire weekend and won’t be able to see it until Monday…it seemed liked an opportune time to watch some of the classic 1966 cartoons from the Marvel Super Heroes lineup. So grab a bowl of your favorite cereal and join me as we watch the origin of Captain America!

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What I love most about these particular animated shorts is getting to the wonderful artwork of Jack Kirby’s in motion…sort of.

Welcome Back, MechWarrior!

In Junior High-School my group of friends were all atwitter about a new game that our friend, Nick, had picked up over the weekend. It was called BattleTech. This wasn’t our typical lunch time RPG fare of Dungeons and Dragons or possibly Marvel Super Heroes from TSR…this was a type of board game, a map sheet that was made up with hexagon terrain tiles…and we were tasked with piloting towering Mechs capable of massive destruction as we waged war during those thirty minute breaks from ‘learning’.

As the weeks passsed we found our afternoons of worrying over our character inventory and gold pieces or Karma points had vanished, they had been replaced with new ‘character’ sheets were we tracked our armor levels on our Mech’s body parts and more importantly kept an eye on the heat levels of our vehicle. Something about the Sci-Fi trappings of it all really hooked all of us and those hooks were in deep as we all did our best to collect every book that the legendary FASA Corporation were publishing. It probably helped with artwork like this:

Then in 1989 as we were heading to High-School, MechWarrior was released by Activision, a MechWarrior being the title of the individual within the Mech naturally. Instead of crowding around that map we were now all crowded around our PC monitors, well those lucky enough to have a PC. In truth I did better with the computer game than I did in the actual board game…probably because I didn’t have to keep track of all those sheets of information.

Now it has been announced through this trailer that MechWarrior is getting set to return to PC gaming with an online and Free to Play form entitled MechWarrior Online:

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