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The Mighty Thor – Enter Hercules (1966)

Continuing with the celebration of the release of the Avengers film in theaters this weekend, our next short from the Marvel Super Heroes 1966 show is none other than the God of Thunder himself, Thor! In this particular episode he … Continue reading

The Origin Of Captain America (1966)

With the release of the Avengers film yesterday, and since some of us are working the entire weekend and won’t be able to see it until Monday…it seemed liked an opportune time to watch some of the classic 1966 cartoons … Continue reading

Welcome Back, MechWarrior!

In Junior High-School my group of friends were all atwitter about a new game that our friend, Nick, had picked up over the weekend. It was called BattleTech. This wasn’t our typical lunch time RPG fare of Dungeons and Dragons … Continue reading

Deluxe Colorform Batman Comic Kit!

A big tip of the hat to Sam’s Toy Box for the awesome photo posted below. I have no recollection of this colorform set but luckily I still have my Marvel Superheroes and Dungeons & Dragons safely tucked away at … Continue reading