Order Your Diamond Engagement Ring from a Comic Book?

I am sure many of these rings are just lovely, but I am not sure how I feel about making a diamond purchase from the back of a comic book. I guess when your futures spouse asks where you got the ring and you say “The Comic Adventures of Buckaroo Banzai” it might get a laugh, but most likely it will be followed by a lifetime of uncomfortable silence.


Halloween Signs

“If with one puff you blow out the light,
‘Tis a sign you’ll marry this year;
If with two, or three your chance is slight,
and if more, give it up for the night.”

After reviewing dozens of vintage Halloween postcards, I can say that a common theme is one of marriage, or at least hoping for marriage…somewhat desperately if you ask me. In this case, it’s a young witch puffing the magic candlestick wishing for a fine young wizard with which to pair. Good luck witchy, I hope you extinguish the flame with one breath.

Vintage Halloween Postcard