Was there a Magnum PI Comic Book??

The quick answer is yes and no. The characters from Magnum PI appeared in at least two comic offerings (3 if you could the Mad Magazine parody), but never had a regularly printed monthly comic. Still, regular or not, it is great to have access to bonus Magnum in any format.

In 1982, Magnum and friends made appearances in two comic efforts, both from the UK. The first was a serialized version adventure in Look In Magazine.

This comic or as they called it, “picture strip” has a very early seasons Magnum feel to it. Not too serious and hints of fun with just enough of a sense of drama. I would have loved to see it continue as a regular title. Heck, I would still be buying it today if they were being printed.

The other Magnum Comic offering was the Magnum PI Annual.

This annual is much more serious in tone and seems to foreshadow some of the later or the famous dramatic two part episodes of Magnum. Really enjoyable to read if you can track it down, but definitely more of an adult feel to it — Lot of folks getting killed and sexy ladies.

These “comics” are not easy to track down, but if you keep your eye on ebay or other collector’s sites they do pop up from time to time. You can also look around online for different pieces of them that have been scanned by other people and posted. If your a hardcore Magnum fan, it is very much worth the effort.

Every Movie is Made Better with Tom Selleck’s Moustache

Everyone knows that the greatest and most iconic contribution to Cinema is Tom Selleck’s Moustache. So great is it that there isn’t a single film that would not be improved by the inclusion of Tom Selleck’s Moustache. Richard Sandling proves this in this wonderful montage

Films included are.

1. Raiders Of The Lost Ark
2. The Matrix
3. A Few Good Men
4. Big Trouble In Little China
5. Withnail & I
6. Fargo
7. Army Of Darkness
8. Toy Story
9. The Naked Gun
10. Ghostbusters
11. Saturday Night Fever
12. The Shawshank Redemption
13. American Beauty
14. The Godfather
15. An American Werewolf In London
16. Terminator 2: Judgement Day
17. Falling Down
18. The Producers
19. Big
20. Beverly Hills Cop
21. This Is Spinal Tap
22. The Deer Hunter
23. Raging Bull
24. The African Queen
25. Labyrinth
26. Superman: The Movie
27. The Exorcist
28. Jerry Maguire
29. Trainspotting
30. Spiderman 2
31. The Sting
32. The Long Good Friday
33. The Rock
34. North By Northwest
35. First BLood
36. Magnum P.I.

Tiki Magnum PI by Tom Thordarson

I make it no secret that I am a fan of Magnum PI and the man behind the mustache, Tom Selleck. What I do not often talk about is my love of Tiki culture. I just can’t get enough of it. So when I spotted this piece that combines both of my fandoms with one solid image, I was all over it.

In Tom Thordarson print, he has carved Selleck’s trademark character from the base of an old palm tree. To add a spot of tiki he sports a coconut lei, and to capture the Magnum PI magic, his trademark baseball cap. It would make a wonderful addition to any fan’s collection.

[via] Tom Thordarson [@] Etsy

You May Have Won this $60,000 Ferrari, but not Tom Selleck or his Hat

This ad for a Chaz cologne sponsored contest shows remarkable restraint by not mentioning Mr. Selleck once in their copy. I mean how is that possible? It is MAGNUM PI himself, sitting on a Ferrari, inexplicably wearing a cowboy hat. That deserves at least a sentence.


[via] Flickr

What I love about this ad, is that it allows me to imagine future episodes of Magnum PI where he sets up shop in the mainland. Just picture it…

Maybe it looks better as a scan from a magazine?