X-Men: First Class – Movie Clip (Spoilers)

Thanks to the Marvel Comics YouTube channel for this small scene from their upcoming X-Men: First Class that hits theatres nationwide this Friday! Remember to visit this Link and announce who you would side with in the Marvel Mutant Universe, Professor X or Magneto, to be eligible for the chance to win one of two awesome X-Men T-shirts from Junk Food Tees!


Thor By Rogan Josh

This Friday, Marvel Comic’s Thor get his first whack at the box office…and the few reviews that have trickled in so far are saying it’s a very fun Summer movie. Following the Rogan Josh Magneto illustration earlier today, it seemed fitting that I present his beautiful art for Thor.

Remember to hit that link up above to visit Rogan’s main site and enjoy the rest of his art!

Magneto On The Game Grid By DMurdoch

Thanks to DMurdoch from over on deviantART for this moody but incredibly captivating illustration of what Magneto might look like if he became a Video Warrior on the Game Grid from the Tron Universe. I’d like to see him go against CLU…that would be an interesting battle.

In celebration of the release of Tron Legacy, which you may now purchase at this link, I will continue to update with additional Tron Universe inspired artwork.