Dark Tower TV Commercial (1981)

I’ve stated before on the site that in my youth there was one board game that after seeing it’s TV commercial gripped my imagination and refused to let go. That game was the legendary Dark Tower by Milton Bradley. I never received one, I remember it being slightly expensive but that could just be my faulty memory banks, though I’ve been able to play around with one since…and I still want it.

For a young kid just getting started in TSR’s Dungeons and Dragons that commercial was right up my alley, besides it had Orson Welles in it!

I want to thank Retroist regular Magisterrex for uploading this fantastic commercial over on YouTube! Thanks to Jonathan Harrison over at Board Game Geek for sharing the box art to his own Dark Tower game.

Heroes Of Neverwinter – Review

In all honesty, I enjoy playing some Facebook games while I’m working. My favorite title has been Gardens of Time, a puzzle based time waster that combines a bit of the Time Machine and Where’s Waldo? That was until last month when I was able to get my hands on a beta invite for Atari’s Heroes of Neverwinter…which is a turn based strategy game set within the Dungeons and Dragons universe.

Is it any good? Well…yes, actually. One of the features I enjoy greatly is the option to recruit your Facebook friends, which thankfully in my case means I can count on friends of the Retroist site, Magisterrex and Smash Hansen. This feature works if your friends happen to be online or not. If you recruit your friends into your questing party, when they log into the game a result screen will pop up, giving details on how much gold they earned and they receive a share of the precious loot you might happen to find during your quest. You can recruit other Facebook players but the higher their level the more gold it will cost you to hire them, where your friends cost nothing. What? I’m not cheap…A Dwarf knows to keep his eye on his money pouch.

There are 50 core adventures (Quests) at the time of the launch of the game, with three levels of difficulty in case you are finding yourself in need of a greater challenge. You are allowed to pick from Wizard, Fighter, Thief, and Cleric for your character classes and you can choose from Elf, Human, Halfling, or Dragonborn for race. I was slightly disappointed that I couldn’t choose a Dwarf but I figure they need to work out the bugs before they present the greatest D and D race of all time. I ended up picking a human Cleric, and messed with his appearance until he looked more like a Dwarf. ;)

While you control your friend’s characters they are allowed to join in “Spectator Mode”, helping with choices and providing buffs to their allies and increasing the XP gain as they do so. Without a doubt it has been a fun title and I if you decide to become a Hero of Neverwinter then feel free to friend me on Facebook so that we can join forces and battle the forces of Evil!

A big thanks to Magisterrex for the pic you see up top and make sure to follow the link to read his own review of the game!