DuckTales - Retroist Scoreboard

The Retroist Scoreboard: DuckTales the Movie And More 2/8/2017

There’s a whole cottage industry surrounding the release of classic TV and movie soundtracks out there that you may not know about. Small labels, usually limited by musicians’ union rules to a releasing only 3,000 or so copies of a given title, unearth classic soundtracks that have often never been issued on CD before, or have only had a CD release featuring about half of the music that was included in the movie. Labels like Intrada, La-La Land Records, Perseverance, and Quartet Records release a steady stream of classic TV and movie scores throughout the year…and the Retroist Scoreboard is here to let you know what’s just dropped.

Intrada gets bragging rights this week with the first-time-ever-on-CD release of the complete score from 1990s DuckTales: The Movie, composed by David Newman (later of The Mighty Ducks, The Phantom, Galaxy Quest, Serenity, and many others). Weighing in at nearly the maximum possible length of an audio CD, it isn’t just that DuckTales hasn’t been on CD before, it’s never been released before in any form other than a couple of excerpts featured on a 1990 Disney compilation CD, The Disney Afternoon. Disney animation fans are ecstatic about this one, to say the least.
DuckTales - Retroist Scoreboard

As new titles are introduced, old ones sell out or are retired; Intrada is giving everyone until February 13th to buy the last remaining copies of the soundtracks from Disney’s Unidentifed Flying Oddball (1979, known to UK audiences as The Spaceman & King Arthur) and a two-fer CD with the Laurence Rosenthal scores from 1976’s Return Of A Man Called Horse and the 1999 TV movie remake of Inherit The Wind.

La-La Land Records has just released the score from the 1993 Sylvester Stallone flick Cliffhanger, scored by Trevor Jones (Excalibur, Time Bandits, The Dark Crystal, Labyrinth, Notting Hill, The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen). As is often the case with La-La Land’s released, the first disc of the 2-CD set is the complete score (including never before heard tracks), while the second is a remastered reissue of the original 1993 album.

A gaggle of past La-La Land releases are about to go out of print forever, including David Newman’s The Phantom (1996), Tangerine Dream’s score from Wavelength (1983), a lavish 2-CD set of Alfred Newman’s A Certain Smile (1958), Mark Mancina’s score from 1995’s Money Train, Bill Conti’s score from I, The Jury (1982), Andrew Belling’s score from the 1977 Ralph Bakshi animated film Wizards, a selection of Brian Tyler’s music from the far more recent TV series Terra Nova, and a similar selection of music by Michael McCuistion, Lolita Ritmanis and Kristopher Carter from Batman: The Brave And The Bold. All of the retiring titles have been marked down while supplies last.

UK classical label Dutton Vocalian has jumped into the fray with a CD reissue of the original soundtrack album from Watership Down (1978), scored by Angela Morley (The Goon Show, Dynasty, Dallas), including the original album’s Art Garfunkel vocals and narration by Michael Hordern. The single disc is a hybrid SACD which is compatible with most garden-variety CD players, and for an import, it’s surprisingly affordable.

Looking further down the road, soundtrack specialty labels often let their customer base know if something is coming up that they might have to save up for. La-La Land – who has all but taken ownership of vintage Star Trek soundtrack releases in recent years – has announced that its first (yes, first) 4-CD box set of music from Star Trek: Voyager will land on February 28th. La-La Land’s Star Trek box sets tend to arrive at the $50-$60 price point, so start saving your quatloos now; they’ve tentatively scheduled a second box set of Deep Space Nine soundtracks for the third quarter of 2017, with a second Voyager box set hitting about a year from now, and what the label says will be its final Star Trek release, a 4-CD box set collecting fan-requested “leftovers” from Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager and Enterprise in late 2018.

Varese Sarabande has announced an April release date for the scores of all three of the original Mel Gibson Mad Max films on “sandy” vinyl, and they’re accepting pre-orders now.

Stay tuned to the Retroist Scoreboard…as new releases arrive, we’ll let you know what, and more importantly where, the score is.

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The Mad Max Cars of Main Force Patrol

I’ve been spending a lot of time recently admiring the beauty of the Ford XB Falcon, or the Pursuit (Special) Interceptor to give it its Mad Max moniker. Whilst re-watching the film I found a new appreciation for the vehicles in the film, and an internet search later led me to discover this model chart of all the “Main Force Patrol” cars that featured.

Main Force Patrol is of course the fictional police force that is seen mostly at the start of Mad Max. The poster for this chart can be bought over at and a quick look through the site confirms that the enthusiast who creates these works of art is exceptional at what he does – check out the DMC Delorean “alternative reality” poster to see what I mean!

Mad Max Pursuit Cars

It’s hard to pick a favourite amongst these cars, especially as the liveries are just so perfect, but if pushed I’d go with the Pursuit Interceptor – the Ford XB Falcon is a lovely car and the yellow, red and blue colour scheme is far more alluring to me than the dour blacks of the Special variant used later in the film.

Mad Max in Japan

With the imminent release of a new Mad Max film, I’ve found myself subjected to countless trailers and posters, all pushing me to go and see ‘Fury Road’. Whilst it does look fun, it’s a far cry from where the series began – it will be very interesting to see if it manages to feel like a Max movie or not!

As preparation for watching the new film, I sat down and re-watched the Mel Gibson original recently. ‘Mad’ is truly apt in the case of this 1979 George Miller classic, as you’ll find in the trailer:

One of the things that has always stood out for me with the Mad Max films has been the poster art. The iconic image of the Road Warrior pointing his gun at you has long been a favourite of mine but it has now been eclipsed by the posters produced for the Japanese market. The poster above is truly beautiful and the more minimalist approach to the standard poster (below) is a big improvement in my opinion.

Mad Max Poster

Expect more Mad Max inspired artwork on the site over the next couple of weeks as I re-watch the remainder of the original series!

Vehicle Posters For Batman, Transformers, Mad Max, and Ghostbusters By Nicolas Bannister!

All images courtesy of Nicolas Bannister and BannCars.

All images courtesy of Nicolas Bannister and BannCars.

Many things are required to make up the defining aspects of our favorite heroes of television and motion pictures…and one of those things also happens to be their mode of transport. Thanks to very talented Nicolas Bannister’s Tumblr we can get look at posters that shine the spotlight on some of those vehicles like the Ecto-1 you see above.

Mad Max
Mad Max - Nicolas Bannister

Transformers - Nicolas Bannister

Batman 1989
Batmobile 1989 - Nicolas Bannister

Now make sure to visit the BannCars tumblr by following the link above to see even more fantastic art of popular vehicles covering such properties as the Flintstones, Doctor Who, Jurassic Park, Akira, the Fall Guy and more.

I also want to give a big thanks to Lauren Davis over at Comics Alliance for the heads up on Nicloas’ artwork in the first place!

Mad Max Trilogy Hits Blu-Ray On June 4th!

The Road Warrior - Imp Awards
Exciting news today for all of us fans of Max Rockatansky (Mel Gibson) and the post-apocalyptic world that Director George Miller created. Warner Bros. Home Entertainment is releasing all three of the Mad Max films to Blu-Ray on June 4th, now Mad Max and the Road Warrior are already available but this will be the first time that Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome will be available on HD.

Mad Max Theatrical Trailer (1979)

I will assume that the Blu-Ray version of Mad Max will present the original Australian dialogue version and not the American dubbed version as you can hear in the trailer above.

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior (1981)

Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome (1985)

No word yet on if any of the films will have special features such as commentary or perhaps a retrospective of the Mad Max trilogy. A preview of next year’s Mad Max: Fury Road would be a welcome addition to the collection though in my opinion.

From the Warner Bros. Press Release: “From the very first film, Oscar winner George Miller (Happy Feet, 2006) proved a master at creating the gritty, bleak dystopian world and staging the incredible car stunts and crashes in the era when stuntmen, not computers, achieved the effects. All three movies starred Mel Gibson, virtually unknown until after the second film, as Max Rockatansky, a highway cop traveling through the Outback in a society descending into chaos. The films started Gibson on his road to international superstardom, led to his signature Lethal Weapon series, and later two Academy Awards for his roles as producer and director of Braveheart (1995).”

The Mad Max Trilogy Blu-ray Collection will come in a limited premium tin packaging for $49.99, making a great gift for Father’s Day. Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome, which is making its Blu-ray debut, will also be made available as a single release along with Mad Max Road Warrior.”

[Via] IGN