Mario and Luigi Wallpaper

luigi wallpaper

James over at NLCast is always brewing up something great. This week he put together two great Mario Bros Wallpaper. One of Mario’s face, one of his handsome brother Luigi and a third terrifying hybrid of both faces that is perfect for widescreen monitors (and not so terrifying – I am just used to writing for Halloween). All three of these attractive wallapers would be the perfect desktop accompaniment for any Nintendo fans computer, so drop by NLCast and download them today.

“Louis Armstrong” Sings “Super Mario World”


This impersonator’s rendition of “What a Wonderful World” with Mario lyrics always makes me smile.

Like it? Now sing-a-long:

I see Mario
Luigi too
He’s player one,
He’s player two
And I think to myself
Super Mario World

I see towers so tall
They make me afraid
But those scary castles
Aren’t very well made
And I think to myself
Super Mario World

The shells of flying turtles
So pretty in the sky
They’re also kinda deadly
Don’t touch ’em or you’ll die
I hear Yoshi makin’ noise
like a chronic smoker’s cough
He’s really sayin’
“Please get off”

When you win the game
There’s a Yoshi parade
Mario and Luigi
They’s just tryin’ to get laid
And I think to myself
Super Mario World

Ooh, I think to myself
Super Mario World

Oooh… game over.