Fisher Price Little People watch Fisher Price TV

Little People Watch TV

I was browsing around the internet during my lunch break when I stumbled upon the image above and was instantly captivated. What’s not to like about the very colorful Little People doing something as innocent as watching a children’s song on TV? The scale is what impresses me most, framing the image so that the TV is essentially cinema-scale.

Flickr user CracklinTulip doesn’t stop there with the Little People, the “Getting Ready To Go” picture below and the “Dog Meets Hydrant” picture below that both highlight just how cool the Adventure People were and are great images which I’d happily turn into canvas wall prints.

LittlePeople Airplane

Little People Dog

The Fisher Price photostream from CracklinTulip is worth a visit if you have any love for these little plastic people and other Fisher Price toys, as is their “Play” photostream for a broader range of retro goodies.