Thundercats Film Posters by Johnny Morrow

Thundercats Movie

If you ask me, the Thundercats don’t get enough coverage out there in the wilds of the internet. Whenever there is a call for a buff 80’s hero, it’s always He-Man, He-Man, He-Man. And with continued talk of a Masters of the Universe movie on the horizon, that situation isn’t likely to change.

So it was very satisfying to find that artist Johnny Morrow must have similar feelings. He’s created these two amazing film posters for the (I wish it were real) 2016 release of Thundercats The Movie.

The first, “Sight Beyond Sight” is my favourite. I’ll always take the hero over the villain. But the second poster, “The Ever Living” is pretty epic too, especially if you stare into those red eyes for too long!

Thundercats The Ever Living

I’ve seen plenty of “what-if” posters for a potential Thundercats film but few of the high quality seen here. I think it’s time for a collective ‘Hoooooooooooo!’.