Retro Radio Memories Ep. 81 (The Dream)

The Dream is a very special episode of the popular Lights Out series! Actually it was the start of a series of special episodes for that Old Time Radio show. As it not only featured Boris Karloff but marked the 4th Anniversary of the series. To help you get into the spirit of the Season you will find The Dream fits the bill!

Of course Lights Out is a program we have visited quite often in the past. It was a high-water mark for radio in the horror and thriller genre. Created by Wyllis Cooper it really found its popularity soaring when Arch Oboler took over. The series lasted from 1934 until 1947!

So what is The Dream about then?

This episode was written by Arch Oboler and introduces us to Daryl Hall, a Professor of Biology. We meet him as he stands accused of murder and is waiting for the jury to return to render their verdict. Hall is played by Karloff and as we listen in on his thoughts learn he never had a dream. Not until a few days previous that is when he began to be visited by a spectral Woman urging him to…kill! We listeners get to follow Daryl as he remembers the horror he has been witnessing – all thanks to The Dream.

Obviously Karloff absolutely kills in this role. With the script written by Oboler we truly are given some frightening mental images in the mind’s eye of the wraith haunting Hall. A very, very fine example of why Old Time Radio is still effective.

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Retro Radio Memories: Lights Out – “Chicken Heart” (1937)

Retro Radio Memories 1
Welcome friends back to another installment of Retro Radio Memories. Today we have an oft-requested episode from the Lights Out radio show entitled Chicken Heart. It’s a short segment from Arch Oboler that deals with…well…just give it a listen.

Take a moment for yourself and turn down the lights, get comfy in your favorite chair and enjoy some Retro Radio Memories with Lights Out and the “Chicken Heart”.

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Retro Radio Memories: Lights Out – The Dark (1937)

A big thanks to the Retroist’s very own Claymation Werewolf as well as Dan Killershrew over at the Retroist Facebook Page for the wonderful suggestion for this week’s Retro Radio Memories.

For this installment we present “The Dark”, a very highly regarded episode of the classic Lights Out radio program that ran from 1937 until 1947 across various radio networks until it made the jump to television.

In 1933 NBC writer Wyllis Cooper conceived the idea for what would become Lights Out, he envisioned “a midnight mystery serial to catch the attention of the listeners at the witching hour.” though the serial aspect was changed so that it became an anthology series.

The Dark debuted on Lights Out on December 29, 1937 and concerns a Police Officer named Sam and a Doctor that are called in to investigate a report of someone being hurt at a dilapidated old house on a country road.

What a perfect time for all of us to let our thoughts turn to dark fancies as we celebrate with a month long salute to Halloween. Now sit back in your favorite chair and gather the family around and let yourself be taken back to a simpler time and be sure to turn all of the Lights Out!

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